Best Lip Gloss Kit Review

Best Lip Gloss Kit Review

Lip kit comes in a variety of lip glosses having glossy or matte touch. Lip-liners are also added in it as it gives your mouth a pretty clean look. For every woman, a lip gloss is an essential cosmetic product and is carried by every woman. These glosses are coated over one another to make distinct shades that compliment it. Hence, these can be directly applied to the lips, or applied over a coat of lip-balm included in it. This can moisturize and gives a light shine to your lips. Distinct types and flavors of glosses are available in lip-kit and are sold under various brand names.

The gradient lip fashion is hot this weather. Why we should wear only one color gloss when we can rock with two, three or four as lip gloss kit contains an unlimited variety of beautiful shades. Girls could make this technique their own by putting different color crayons, liners, glosses and shiners and play with some beautiful shades. One should not have to worry about finding the right shade, just use some creativity and make a new glamorous shade by mixing the shades from your the lip-kit.

One should create a perfect look by applying liner for defining those pretty lips of yours. Then, finish with a metallic liquid gloss for a long-lasting and matte finish. Moreover, you can highlight them by the shiner as well. Now, we all can understand the magic of glamorous colors. We can walk all around with natural-looking, amazing and glossy lips.


Back to ’90s that insanely shine glosses are back with a huge variety. They have been updated, reformulated to be less sticky and slight shine so that it doesn’t go off with numerous occasions. Hence, nourishing ingredients are added with these shiny lip glosses kit so that it gives a smooth look. For adding more color to your pretty face, a long-wearing lips pencil can be used for avoiding color build up. Now, these glosses don’t give a tacky look like in the ’90s. It gives a finish to your perfection as petroleum jelly and oils are utilized in these glosses.


Now for those girls who want to keep their look simple and elegant, nude glosses are recommended for them to give a soft touch. But for that, one has to create the perfect nude that goes with your complexion and doesn’t look messy. Mostly nude shades fall into the pink and nude categories. Nude shades never go out of the style as it goes on with a matte finish. However, the nude color kit is best for the girls working in the office as it gives an all-natural look with a slight enhancement. It gives you a flawless ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.


Matte kits offer you a variety of bold, nude and pigmented shades. They possess a variety of shades with soft and bold looks. Girls who want an innocent look can use slightly subtle rose tone shades that look gentle on the lips. Where red dark shades give you a bold and daring look. Hence, these shades will give more shades at a less and reasonable price.


When fragments, fruit and herb pigments are combined in a lip gloss kit, they can give you a sweet taste. Girls like to use strawberry and cherry shades to have a slick moisturizing look without being over glossy or highlighted. The applicator along with gloss is super soft and helps in applying it more flawlessly. These fruit pigmented natural shades lip balm generally come in round small containers. Moreover, these balms keep them moisturized and leave a natural soft looking shade.


Organic glosses are made from argon and acai oil for keeping your lips more moisturized and hydrated. These glosses are slightly expensive but have no chemicals used in it. These glosses are filled with anti-aging fruit extracts, vitamins and vegetable pigments to nourish. The color comes from plants, vegetables and mineral-based pigments like beetroot and iron oxides. Six most pigmented shades are available from antioxidants that not only give you a rich and flawless color but also smell delicious.


These come with a variety of eight shades diverging from nudes and pinks to deep red colors available in a kit. They all are made from natural ingredients like castor seed oil, been wax, and sunflower. They not only give your lips a gorgeous look but also keep it hydrated because of the balm ingredients that are infused in it. These go on smooth like butter as all organic ingredients are added to it. It can be applied by itself or layered on the top of the lipstick to add a little shine to it.


This shade is made purely from the bright cherry red organic gloss. It possesses anti-aging, antioxidant and astringent properties for nourishing your lips. This adds vibrant cherry color to your lips and hence it can be more intensified if deep color is desired. This comes in two in one form as you can use it on the lips along with cheeks. Isn’t it great? You don’t have to waste your single penny for the blush. It can be used by your hands to give your cheeks a sweet rosy touch. This tint is free from harsh chemicals as it is rich in antioxidants.


This glossing serum comes in distinct natural-looking shades in a lip gloss kit. As you know, serums are beneficial for your skin as well as for your lips as it keeps it hydrated especially in winters. This gives you a very juicy, plum shiny look. It is infused with natural ingredients like beetroot, butter and coconut oil to refine your lip cell structure while leaving your lips soft and nourished. It can be used over a lipstick for a more defined look or can only be applied on clean lips.