Nine Fashion-related Memes that will definitely make your day

We’ve scoured the internet just for you to find some of the iconic memes, all things fashion across pop culture, and even those that are just ingrained in our culture. We hope that these will let you smile, laugh, or even ponder. We’ve even provided background to some of these relatable pictures, and some TikTok videos you may want to check out. So go on, give yourself a treat by looking at our list!

The Human Chanel

While we can’t stop jamming to the “Ice Cream” by the South Korean pop group BLACKPINK, we’re still going gaga over one of their members, Jennie, being hailed as the “human CHANEL.” And she should be, with the way she carries the luxury brand without any effort. We definitely agree with CHANEL–we think Jennie is a perfect choice. She can elevate even the classic designs into something contemporary and unique! If our CHANEL bag one day speaks and moves, we hope it’s Jennie.

The Fashion Style of Billie Eilish

The American songwriter and recording artist, Billie Eilish, is not only known for her great music, but also for her distinct fashion statement–scene-stealing oversized and body-covering outfits. While it may have caused several memes on the Internet, we are in awe of the young singer’s style. Her outfits are more playful and not ashamed to express creativity without abandoning comfort. Her style is still evolving though, as she may be getting out of her comfort zone recently.

Whatever she wears anyway, we would always admire her position in accepting who you are and your own fashion sense, and what you wear. The young artist once asserted in her Vogue interview, “If you feel like you look good, you look good.” She’s truly a rockstar!

Kim Kardashian’s “Overall” Fashion

In one of the biggest fashion events annually, the Met Gala, we can feast our eyes on creative, and sometimes a bit much, pieces that we don’t see every day. And last year, American socialite and celebrity Kim Kardashian arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an all-black Balenciaga outfit, and we mean, a head-to-toe suit.

This created quite a buzz on social media, mocking and commenting on the business mogul’s unusual fashion choice at the event. The theme of the event is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” In a tweet, Kardashian said, “What’s more American than a T-Shirt head to toe?!” 

Many speculated on the meaning of her outfit, like this Vogue article writing that “the look gave the reality star something she hasn’t had in a long while: anonymity.” But whether you find it ridiculous or stylish, or maybe somewhere in between, we can all agree that it’s a style only Kim can pull off!

Colorful “fashion statements”

The spring 2019 couture runway in Paris showed off some of the most interesting fashion pieces, including this “Fashion Statements” collection from Viktor & Rolf, a Dutch luxury brand. Their outfits, with seemingly oversized dresses and puffy sleeves, highlight bold texts that are literally “mood statements.” Just like our favorite green dress with a purple sleeved top, and with a text “No Photos Please.”

According to designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, they don’t really intend any meanings on their designs. So we could derive our own interpretations on this stylistic line of volume-hugging pieces. There’s one with just blue diagonal stripes, and a giant, red “NO,” which we can relate to when Mondays arrive, or the all-white puffy dress with a bold, black “I’m not shy, I just don’t like you” text. See the rest of the collection and find a mood statement that fits you (we’re feeling look 12).

The “Checkout” serotonin

Do you ever get the feeling that when you’re so sad, you have the urge to purchase something, especially clothes? And this inexplicable feeling seems to be even made more accessible through online shopping. You’re not alone though!

This article explained a retail therapy study that mentioned that sadness is related to a feeling of being out of control, while shopping gives people “a sense of control.” 

But remember that the serotonin you release from shopping is only temporary. It can even lead to buyer’s remorse afterward for unnecessary purchases. It’s okay to sometimes reward yourself during stressful situations with a cozy hoodie or gorgeous, fab tops. But remember that all things not done in moderation may go beyond control.

Pandemic fashion

When the pandemic broke out, many of us were mostly in our own homes. And we may have been used to casual everyday outfits, or PJs, 24/7, that we even took the style as an outdoor fashion. This meme, with someone dressed up with something that resembles a PPE, is so relatable because now we all know what a PPE even is. (But seriously, hats off to our medical front liners for being our modern-day heroes).

But as restrictions are slowly easing, fashion styles continue to evolve and the industry never runs dry of new fashion trends. Even with masks on, we can still find ways to rock and be chic, just as in the creative, albeit hilarious, pic above.

Throwback fashion

With the evolution of fashion styles, previous trends are sometimes recycled or resurrected. Like now, the Gen-Z on social media is bringing back the year 2000s fashion. Like in the above TikTok video, it may have poked fun at how the new generation interprets the y2k, but it’s definitely becoming a trend recently.

Y2k fashion is kind of a distinctive era in the history of fashion, as it also reflects the advancement in technology. But mainly in this era, think of the styles from Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. It can be nostalgic for the teens of this era as they are now already YAs.

Clean girl aesthetic

This TikTok clip from Shannon Lemmens, who makes TikTok clips about all things fashion, highlights another possibly popular trend that could rise: the clean girl aesthetic. White (mostly) outfits, simple and modest look, and clean perfumes–yes, being the clean girl is the next “It” girl. We don’t know if it’s a coincidence that this trend is rising amidst a pandemic–at a time when cleanliness and proper hygiene are an absolute must!

Dress simply?

So you might have experienced overdressing for an event? It is actually quite a stressful experience to undergo. You really prepared in dressing up yourself, only to find out a simpler dress code. We can laugh at it now but it definitely happens. And if it happens though, what we can suggest is to just be confident anyway. Don’t consider this as a fashion disaster. If people are looking at you, then take it as a compliment for being unique and outstanding. You do you, girl!***

We hope that these memes have made your day. Remember that it’s okay to take a break once in a while and have a good laugh! Why not even share this with another fashion-enthusiast friend to make their day, too?