Funny & Spooky Costumes With Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses

You know coloured contact lenses are not just perfect for enhancing your appearance, but they are widely used for crazy and spooky costumes all over the world. I mean you know when the time comes around for Halloween or there is a Cosplay convention in your town or nearby city, these special effect coloured lenses are perfectly suited for this. For a few years now, coloured contact lenses like these have become a theme for Halloween and cosplays. So, why it is that way?

About Special Effect Coloured Contact Lenses

When it comes to special events such as Halloween or Cosplay conventions, coloured contact lenses are really amazing. That is because, coloured contact lenses have a special coloured tint on them. These tints are designed in the same way as our eyes. They have designs, patterns and lines that mimic the iris. Once they settle on our eyes they just add more depth to the eye colour and enhances the looks. There are many different colours also such as the red green and brown contact lenses.

Now when it comes to Halloween contact lenses, the tints are designed a bit extreme. The tints are a bit different to that of normal coloured lenses. The design is made to provide a more fantasy and spooky look on the eyes, something that would look completely unnatural yet very real. That is why Halloween contacts are super popular for Halloween and Cosplays. 

Your Halloween costumes come to life with these super Halloween contact lenses. So let us take a look at how we can upgrade our Halloween costumes with these coloured contact lenses

Easy costume ideas with Coloured lenses

1. Maleficent

Remember this. Another Disney production and quite the spooky villain. Maleficent is the mistress of evil who is vengeful and tries to take revenge from the King by cursing the baby princess. Anyways, Maleficent is a great costume inspiration for Halloween, I mean if you think that demonized clothing, horns and spooky wings is the perfect way to disrupt the Halloween party, then please be my guest. But do not forget you still haven’t used the all powerful crazy contact lenses to bring this costume to life. Special effect contact lenses such as the blood red lenses, or the blind white contacts or the black sclera lenses are the best for this costume. 

2. Valak, conjuring  

The demon Valak was quite the scary nun, never seen one like that. The demonized nun become a very popular Hollywood ghost, so much that they released another prequel to the conjuring franchise dedicated just to this demon. So, thinking about it won’t do much, just go out and get yourself one of the best Halloween costume that is the demon costume of the nun Valak. Such demon like appearance would freeze anyone’s blood in their veins. All you have to do is get the nun costume and a good face job. Or you could do with a Valak mask. In the end all that will remain is the Halloween contact lenses and you have completed the Valak costume for your Halloween. This will surely turn heads towards you and then some screams. Certain contact lenses like the black sclera contact lenses or the yellow wolf contact lenses are certainly going to be amazing on this costume. 

3. Samara, The Ring 

Samara Morgan isn’t going even after almost two decades of making its debut. I mean the thought of someone walking out of the TV set, or crawling out, is quite disturbing itself. Then you have this demon coming out to kill the one who is cursed. That demon is not just anything, it is a girl born with supernatural and demonic abilities who was later drowned by her mother. Now she came back from the drowned well and with a demon’s vengeance to kill. The best thing about this Halloween costume is that, it is not very hard to get by as you can get a wig and old gown with some face makeup and the costume will be ready. Now all that remains is for you to bring the Halloween costume to life. Bring out your special Halloween contact lenses. With this costume there are so many options available such as the blackout contact lenses or the whiteout contact lenses. If you ask me the blind white contact lenses will be actually the best fit for this costume. I mean you do not need to look just like the character, you can improvise to add a bit of spark.

These are some great inspirations and with special effect coloured contact lenses you can do anything. Just make sure you are having fun at Halloween, do not forget to tell your friends about these special coloured lenses. 

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