Are you a beauty blogger and love to write about skin care tips? Do you love to write about makeup, skin care, hair care or beauty? Can’t wait to reach a greater audience for your blog via publishing guest posts about lipstick and beauty supply?

Well then you found the perfect website.

We are searching for bloggers who love to publish their guest posts on our blog, either once or regularly. We write about all kind of topics regarding beauty and makeup. Nevertheless we are open to topics that don’t fit into the beauty niche as specific as others do. 

Why You NEED To Write for Us

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But be aware! We are only posting high-quality articles that are at least somewhat related to the beauty niche. Send your article today and make the first steps to position yourself as an authority in the beauty niche.

What We Want You To Write About

We are very open to new ideas and topics, but try to stick to these if you want your guest posts to be published for sure:

  • Beauty
  • Skin Care
  • Skin Creme
  • Face Treatment
  • Makeup
  • Hair Care
  • Hairstyles
  • Lipstick
  • Cosmetics
  • Nailart
  • Tattoos and Piercings
  • Fashion
  • Clothing
  • Men Products
  • Beauty Products Review

Again: You don’t have to write about these topics. Pitch us an interesting idea and we will publish it

What Our Contribution Requirements Are

We don’t post low effort articles, therefore take your time and create an awesome piece of work. These guidelines for guest posts will help you:


Google is addicted to big content, therefore you should write at least 500 words, if you want your article to be published.


Try to keep a friendly and non-professional tone. It should be easy and fun to read.

No Duplicates

We are only posting articles that are 100% unique and haven’t been published on other websites before. We check every article with Copyscape, so don’t try to copy and paste us a stolen article. We will find out and block you.


If you make big claims about a product not working or working very well, then you should try to find some sources that can support what you say. We are only interested in telling the truth.


We only publish one photo per guest posts, so choose wisely what kind of image you want on your article or we are going to choose for you. Also make sure you own the image that you want to publish.


Promoting your website and/or products is fine, but try to be somewhat subtle about it.


You can link to your or other website, if they are related to the topic. Please don’t publish more than one backlink per 250 words.

Author Bio

Do you want people to know who wrote this guest post? Send us your author bio and we will publish it. Make sure to link to your social media accounts!

How To Submit Your Guest Posts

Write us a short email to that includes a pitch or your guest post in a Google Docs. Don’t forget to give us access to edit the article so that we can copy and paste it on our blog.

Usually we don’t need longer than 3 days to publish your articles. So be patient 🙂

Have fun!