Chronic Fatigue: How to Get Your Strength Back

If you feel apathetic for no reason, have no energy even for a full eight hours of sleep, and your general condition and concentration leave much to be desired, then this article is for you. In it, I, together with medicalbrandnames, will tell you how to finally rest, come to your senses and restore vitality.

You are not alone in your problem. The main cause of this syndrome is considered to belong to psycho-emotional stress on the human nervous system. Improper lifestyle, an unfavorable environmental situation, and the lack of sunny days. Seasonal fatigue manifests itself as frequent headaches, depression, psychological disorders, insomnia, apathy. Because of these symptoms as a consequence is a general decrease in immunity. And then like a snowball effect: after the body tries to cope with colds and chronic diseases, all its forces go to fight the infection, which significantly reduces performance and leads to chronic fatigue.


To prevent chronic or seasonal fatigue, we advise following simple rules:

  •  For starters you need to establish a correct sleeping regime with alternation of work and rest: give your brain a rest more often, otherwise, excessive strain will have a negative effect on your well-being. Try to spend as little time as possible in front of the TV, phone or computer. The brain also consumes resources to process a large flow of information. Remember: watching soap operas or playing online games does not give your body a quality rest.
  •  Take at least some time for physical activity. Simple exercises like squats, jumps, or even regular morning exercises for 15-20 minutes a day will give tangible results after the first week.
  •  Balance your diet and add vitamins to your diet. Vitamin B deficiency makes you feel tired all the time, vitamin C supports the immune system and speeds up your metabolism, and vitamin D can improve your performance and concentration.
  •  organize a mini-vacation for yourself at the end of each week: walk around the city, explore the nearby cities and their attractions, ride a bike on scenic routes or have a picnic in nature with friends. A change of scenery and activity will do more good than relaxing in front of the TV.
  •  Take care of your health and immunity. Chronic fatigue symptoms are common to a variety of illnesses. Be sure to consult a doctor, if you feel changes in your health, do not forget to pass an annual check-up and once in 4 years – free medical examinations in your polyclinic. Also, make it a rule to spend one vacation a year in a sanatorium: you will strengthen immunity, cure what has been bothering you for a long time, take a break from the daily hustle and bustle.


Traveling to a sanatorium is not just for people of age. Now there are many programs in sanatoriums, both highly specialized and general. Highly specialized care designed to treat diseases, general – to enhance health, or when you want to combine several different areas of recovery. Let us find out what sanatorium and resort programs are good for chronic fatigue treatment.

  • Anti-stress (from 14 days)

The name says it all – it is all about relaxing your nervous system. Massages, aromatherapy, pearl baths, swimming pool, underwater shower, mud wraps – here is a sample set of procedures on the program, after which irritability and depressive syndromes decrease, anxiety level decreases, and vital tonus increases.

  • Immunity strengthening (from 14 days)

These programs can reduce the number and duration of seasonal colds, as well as increase tolerance to physical activity. Sanatorium guests in such cases are prescribed ginger baths, sessions in the halo-chamber, massages, medicinal inhalations, apparatus physiotherapy, ozokeritherapy, and therapeutic shower.

  • Female or male programs (from 12 days)

The programs with such division take into account gender peculiarities of the body. Most often they involve stabilization of biological age, improvement of muscle tone, mood, and sleep. The result is achieved thanks to pine and pearl baths, mud treatment, narcissism irrigation, massages, and physiotherapeutic procedures.

Detox (from 7 days)

Weight loss and body purification also help cope with the symptoms of chronic fatigue. To correct your figure, improve your general well-being, skin condition, mood, and sleep, we use such methods as aqua-aerobics, corrective massages, iodobromine, and ginger baths, lymph drainage, press therapy, etc.



Where: Dead Sea

Everyone has heard about the Dead Sea, but not everyone knows that in addition to the incredible scenery, this place is excellent for recovery. It happens due to the mineral water, which is a supersaturated salt solution, therapeutic mud, air with saline vapors, and mild solar radiation. Useful properties of water help people with skin diseases and respiratory tracts, relieve rheumatic pains, improve blood circulation. However, it is important to be cautious, as bathing in the Dead Sea for over 20 minutes is not recommended.


Where: Wieliczka

A unique underground resort is located near Krakow. After staying there you can get rid of some allergic reactions. In addition, it is not just a resort, but a UNESCO heritage. The main specialization of this place is the prevention and treatment of respiratory system problems. There is a salt mine, which is 700 years old. Walking on the underground trail with salt labyrinths, visiting the salt cooler contributes to the recovery of the organism.


Where: Jurmala

Jurmala on the Baltic Sea coast is a resort with a unique microclimate (sea air saturated with ions and phytoncides of pine trees), mineral waters and therapeutic muds. Thanks to a comfortable climate, such recreation and treatment are suitable even for children and those who are contraindicated to the hot southern climate. Here even a simple view of the beaches adds strength.

Rest at this resort has a beneficial effect on the mental state of the person through peace, quiet, and remoteness from the bustle of the city. Therefore, the psychological component plays an important role and, starting from the fact that the majority of the diseases have a psychosomatic basis, it is the leading one.


In order to take time for your health and emotional well-being, you just need to open a sanatorium card from your attending physician and get a certificate of the epidemiological environment, not more than three days before your arrival at the sanatorium. Upon arrival, you will be examined by a doctor and prescribe individual treatment. If you wish, you can buy additional procedures for body and soul.