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Amazing Dry Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair 2022 (Review)

This is what you need to know about dry shampoo for keratin treated hair: So, you’ve decided to get a keratin treatment? Great decision, as you’ll get to show off your gorgeous, silky hair with less style time… However, keratin treatments come with specific requirements for hair care, one of them being extended time between washes.

How do you find the best shampoo out there to support your hair health and keep you fresh between washes? Keep reading to learn how to choose and use the best dry shampoo for your unique hair!

Best Dry Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair + FAQ For Your and Tips 

Not sure if you like dry shampoos? Think again! If you spent the time and money getting a keratin treatment you are going to want to make it last as long as possible. Dry shampoos will become your go-to product. 

Most women only use dry shampoos to freshen up their hair when there’s no time to wash it- and that’s OK. There are many other reasons why dry shampoos are popular, but the main reason is that both the hair and the scalp get healthier when you extend the time between washes.

Why You Should Use a Dry Shampoo After Keratin Treatment

As someone who already had their hair treated, you know that keratin is a substance that covers your hairs and coats them with additional protein. Protein is hair’s most essential ingredient, and it covers hair shafts to make them smoother, softer, and shinier. Albeit, we don’t seem to get enough of it!

Women who want that straight silky shine get keratin treatments. During the process, the keratin is applied onto the wet or dry hair using a brush. After the protein soaks into your hair for some 30 minutes, your stylist then washes your hair or irons over the chemical.

Immediately after the treatment, the hair can get sticky and smell unpleasant- but you’re not supposed to wash it! The anti-wash tip remains effective for months: the more often you wet your hair, the sooner your protective keratin washes off. The longer you manage without washing, the longer your hair stays smooth and silky. 

The secret weapon to combat this problem: dry shampoo. Stylists and keratin users know the ins and outs of how to protect your hair and keep your shine by choosing the right product for you. 

How to Spot a Good Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoos come in multiple forms and types and are based on several different ingredients that best match particular hair types.

For example, people with oily scalps need an absorbing dry shampoo, and won’t benefit much from a moisturizing dry shampoo that’s best suited for curly, frizzy, and dry hair. But, there’s more to choosing your shampoo than that. Here are the main tips:

  • Consider your hair type. Dry shampoos aren’t “one-size-fits-all” products. Read the label carefully and check if the product is made for your hair type. If your hair is oily, you’ll need a purifying, refreshing shampoo. Check if “removes oil” is printed on the back of the bottle! Is your hair dry? Make sure to find a shampoo that emphasizes moisturizing.
  • Desired effect. Dry shampoo fragrances come in refreshing, subtle, or intense fragrances. Why settle for a scent that you don’t like when there are so many options to choose from?
  • Composition. Your goal is to preserve the keratin that’s laid onto your hair, so why not look for a specialized shampoo? Dry shampoos that preserve the keratin treatment typically don’t have salt-based ingredients, but instead, are starch-based.

Top 5 Dry Shampoos for Keratin-Treated Hair 

Which dry shampoo should you choose? Here’s the list of products that readers found most useful, nourishing, and protective for the treatment:

#1: Batiste Bare

If you’re a fan of mild, floral scents that still leave your scalp feeling refreshed- this shampoo is the best option! It’s affordable and easy to find, and its recyclable bottle won’t leave you feeling like you’ve hurt the environment while using it. 

This starch-based shampoo is absorbent enough to clean your head, but not too strong as to dissolve the precious keratin coating.

#2: Klorane

Is your hair naturally oily? In this case, you need an extra absorbent dry shampoo that will remove all the grease. This shampoo does that by combining corn starch with rice starch and nettle extract. The combo won’t only cleanse your scalp, but also nurture, moisturize and perfume your hair!

#3: Hair Dance

Want some volume in your hair, but without using curlers and aggressive styling products? Get Hair Dance and enjoy the gentle volume. 

The formula is infused with lavender oil and enhanced with colloidal oatmeal next to rice starch for thorough cleansing. The best thing about this shampoo is that you don’t have to spray it directly onto the scalp. You can spray the shampoo on your palms and then use it on targeted areas!

#4: Moroccanoil

Are you tired of white residue in your hair? This shampoo is dark-colored for dark brown and black hair, and light-colored for light brown and blonde hair. It also sports rich ingredients like argan oil and UV-protective additions and is based on rice starch to fully cleanse, nurture, and protect your hair.

#5: No-Nothing

If you have a sensitive scalp, and you don’t respond well to fragrances, No-Nothing has a great solution! This scent-free shampoo is based on starch but doesn’t leave a white residue. It is also vegan and will be a great solution if you wish to avoid using products with animal-based ingredients.

The Best Dry Shampoo For Keratin Treated Hair 

Our ultimate winner would be Batiste, a brand known to produce high-quality, yet affordable dry shampoos. 

Considering the fact that your individual hair type will determine your best fit, we find that Batiste is the most reliable for a variety of diverse hair. Batiste Bare is guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and smelling fresh!

However, if you have oily hair and you prefer a more gentle cleanse, you should also consider Klorane. Those with dry, sensitive scalp also benefit from No-Nothing, while anyone who dreads white powder residue on their scalp and clothes might consider Moroccan oil. You should also check this Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Review if you want to learn more.

How to Use Dry Shampoo For Best Results 

The quality of the product alone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be happy with its results. A lot depends on you! Here are a couple of tips to apply dry shampoo correctly:

Tip #1: Don’t spray too close!

Give a four-to-six-inch space between your scalp and the shampoo. If you spray too close to the scalp, you might irritate it, use too much product on a small area, and ultimately waste the shampoo. Start from the oiliest spots, and then move toward the crown of your head.

Tip #2: Massage Gently

Spraying won’t be enough to cleanse your scalp.  Proceed to massage it gently with your fingertips. Use both of your hands and focus on those areas that feel most uncomfortable.

Tip #3: Remove the Residue

Use your brush to thoroughly go through the hair and remove any trace of the shampoo. How much residue will remain depends on the brand, the type of the shampoo, but also on the amount you’ll apply. If you think that there’s too much residue on your scalp, try spraying less shampoo the next time.

Conversely, if there’s too little residue while, at the same time, your scalp doesn’t feel fresh enough, it means that you should apply a bit more product until you find the right balance.

Tip #4: Target Areas

Given that your goal is to keep the hair moisturized while removing the uncomfortable sebum build-up, who says that you have to dry-wash your entire scalp? Typically, the areas behind the ears and the top of the head show oiliness first, while the rest of the hair doesn’t necessarily feel oily and uncomfortable.

Unless you’re sure that your entire head needs a cleanse, only use the shampoo on visibly oily areas.

Tip #5: Preserve the ends!

Concentrate the shampoo on the scalp, as the rest of the hair will cleanse as you brush through it to remove residue. Applying the dry shampoo throughout the entire length of your hair will unnecessarily dry it, and with regular use, might even prove counterproductive in maintaining your keratin treatment.

Which Dry Shampoos For Keratin Treated Hair Should You Avoid

Some dry shampoos contain chemicals that don’t work well with keratin. Although all ingredients found in quality, tested products are generally safe to use, they might not be in special circumstances- like having a hair treatment. With so many great alternatives out there, why risk it? 

Here’s the list of ingredients found in dry shampoos that you should avoid, and go for organic options instead:

#1: Sulfate

Sulfate and other salt components in a dry shampoo will dissolve keratin over time. Instead, you should go for organic and natural shampoos. These alternatives contain chemicals that will preserve the keratin coating on your hair. 

Also, remember to go for starch-based shampoos, which will also preserve your scalp and won’t dry your hair over time!

#2: Butane

Alcohol-based ingredients in dry shampoos are also known to dissolve keratin, plus irritate the scalp and dry the hair. Make sure that your shampoo doesn’t have butane, which could weaken your hair over time. As opposed to alcohol-based ingredients, look for hydrating properties that are based on natural ingredients.

#3: Silicone

Silicone can deposit in your hair, as the majority of dry shampoos aren’t, and shouldn’t be intense enough to secure complete removal of this substance. Silicone is often used in hair products for a smoother, shiny effect, but it can damage it in the long run.


#1: How Often Should I Use Dry Shampoo For Keratin Treated Hair?

You should use dry shampoo no more than every other or third day, meaning twice or three times each week. Also, avoid using it for more than one day in a row. Repeated use of dry shampoo can irritate or hurt the scalp, so why risk it at all? 

#2: Can I Use Dry Shampoo for Styling?

While it’s great to sport shiny, silky strands of luscious hair, you might start to crave a bit of volume over time. But, since you shouldn’t use any curling tools with keratin, you can achieve a temporary blow-out effect with dry shampoo. 

All you need to do is apply it to areas where you want a bit more volume and give them a good massage! However, keep the product concentrated on these areas so that they stand out.

#3: When to Stop Using Dry Shampoo?

Stop using your dry shampoo if your scalp starts to feel itchy, irritated, or dry. Don’t assume that discomfort is normal at your first attempt. If your shampoo is a good fit for your keratin-treated here, it should be a hit from the get-go! 


Are you ready to get your new dry shampoo? Remember to first understand your unique hair type and pick a product that meets your needs. Then, think about the intensity or type of fragrance you prefer, and the sensitivity of your skin. Pay extra attention if you can’t tolerate certain ingredients. 

Even though there are plenty of amazing dry shampoo brands, there’s only one way to be certain that yours will protect your keratin treatment- ask your hairdresser. Most of the time, the same brands that produce keratin treatments also sell matching shampoos, dry shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products to enhance the effect of the treatment. 

Need more information about your hair needs? Find out how to take better care of it starting now!