Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser Hair Removal prices

Throughout your life, you are likely to spend a huge amount of money for getting rid of your body hair. You have already spent a whole bunch of dollars over it. Whether you are waxing, shaving or plucking off your hair, you have always been wishing for a permanent way to avoid their growth. They give your body a nasty look, and probably none of us like to have that. Thankfully, we’ve got a solution to it and that’s the laser removal treatment.

The desire for Hair-Free Bodies:

The urge to get rid of our hairy bodies isn’t new. The ancient Egyptian women used to remove their body hair by plucking them with proto-tweezers made from the seashells. Women in the ancient Greeks used to burn them off, while Romans were fond of rubbing pumice stones over their skin to get rid of those nasty hair. Centuries later, body waxing was introduced for pubic hairlessness. Afterward, another breakthrough was welcomed for the unhappily hirsute. It was laser removal treatment. This technique kills the follicle’s stem cells through a laser light, ensuring that there is no regrowth.

It has become one of the most pain-free non-surgical treatments, in the past few years. This cosmetic procedure involves a laser light pulsing through your skin. The light is absorbed in your follicles, or pigments or simply melanin. It can be performed virtually on any area of your body from chin to shoulder and chest to legs.

At an early age, the treatment was generally carried by only the people with lighter skin tones. But with the advancement of technology, now this procedure works well on all your skin types and types. We can yet not deny the fact that it provides the best results on people who have lighter skin and darker hair. The reason for this is that those with some significant pigment absorbs the laser wavelength well, resulting in better results.

This procedure is just nearly permanent but you cannot say that it’s completely permanent. It destroys around 80 percent of all the hairs of your considerable body part. They may regrow on your skin but it regrows with a finer texture and looks a little lighter in color. So, the million-dollar question arises, what are the laser hair removal prices these days?

Factors Affecting the Laser Hair Removal Prices:

Laser hair removal prices depend on several factors. These factors may include the body parts which you want to treat. It also includes the sessions required in the treatment. The location of the infirmary from where you are willing to get it done is also a factor affecting its price. Mostly the smaller parts of your body like underarms or bikini lines don’t require much effort in the treatment. Hence, the laser hair removal prices for such body parts are considerably low as compared to those of larger parts like arms back and legs.

Today, more advanced technology has extended the use of this technique to more people. The people who have recently resigned from razors and waxing also prefer it. People prefer to be treated with lasers to get rid of this nastiness for a longer period of time. It has now become a safe and effective treatment. It’s a treatment in which laser with focused and suitable wavelengths are used, matching the patient’s skin pigments.

The medical procedure of laser hair removal varies from state to state. It can be performed by doctors and salon aestheticians too, varying according to the laws of the state. In some areas, laser hair removal is done by the team of its professional technicians and salon experts as well. The laser hair removal prices also vary on this factor. According to a study, 90% of the patients went to non-physician devotees for the laser removal treatment back in 2010 to 2018.

Cons of Laser Hair Removal:

Though it is becoming very common and popular practice, you cannot deny the fact that it does involve some risks as well. Lasers are also like scalpels and do provide you with side effects. The side effects depend on who is using the tool. This may cause skin ulcerations. It may also burns that can result in scars, white spots, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. In some cases, with the patients of the Middle East, paradoxical hypertrichosis was also diagnosed. Paradoxical hypertrichosis represents a skin problem in which increased hair growth is found.

Preparation before the Treatment:

Be very wary when you are preparing to have the treatment. Whether you are striving to have a hair-free chin, back, shoulder, arm, underarm, upper lip, legs, or any other body part, double-check all the safety guidelines before getting it done. Proceed with all possible cautions and only then get it done. If you are struggling for the safest routes, then go for a board-certified dermatologist. The dermatologist who practices in cosmetic procedures should be preferred. But do remember that the laser hair removal prices do vary with the area as well.

Consult with two or more specialists before getting into the process. Always ask related questions from the practitioners before booking the appointment. Ask your practitioner about the kind of training that he had. Some other questions should also be asked like the number of laser procedures he had performed earlier. Ask about how often he had worked on your skin type, what device does he use and the experience he had using those devices. Also, if you have darker skin types then do confirm if he had done any laser procedures on darker skin type or not. Ask if to test an area of your skin as well to get to know about the results to check how your skin will be reacting to the laser treatment.

Preferred Treatment Timing:

The perfect time to get your treatment is in winter or fall maybe. It is because during this time your skin isn’t generally exposed to the Sun. The exposure to Sunlight may lead you to sunburn which may increase your skin sensitivity before and after the treatments. So it is always better to avoid getting your procedure during such seasons.

Procedure Duration:

Likewise laser hair removal prices, the treatment time also varies from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. It depends upon your skin type, the number of hair that is needed to be removed, and what body part is being considered. Though the procedure is not so much painful, a lot of creams are also applied to your skin to reduce even that intensity of pain.

In a Nutshell:

Though the laser hair removal prices are higher than your regular salon waxing rates, it’s still better to pay that amount as compared to paying many small chunks of payments every second week. Also, even if the treatment doesn’t remove your hair permanently, but even then it provides you relief from those weekly salon visits.