Mink Individual Lashes Extension

mink individual lashes

A perfectly curled, thick and long eyelash can change the whole look and dilemma of your eye makeup, especially mink individual lashes. An eye-look that might not look as dramatic or complete as its own can be quickly transformed into a magnificent look by adding the perfect lashes to the look.

These days you can find them in different sizes, colors, thickness, and material. If you do not know which one will go with the look the safest bet is to use the most natural one. If you apply the one that comes as a full eyelash, you can maybe ruin your whole look with a single wrong decision. It can look too big on your eyes, or too long or even seem to be attached above the lash line which can be a nightmare. So the best method to prevent all this is to use individual ones.

Individual lashes offer a lot more control over the application. You can check where you need more lash and apply more there and decide where your natural thickness seem great on its own. Most of the professionals prefer to use individual lashes rather than the full ones.

The major downside to this is that it can take up a lot of time of yours to apply these individual eyelashes. And again take a long time to take them off. You will have to make sure that you took off every individual eyelash and that too without rubbing off your original eyelash. There is a way to tackle this as well, and it is to get an individual eyelash extension.

Before we get into the method or procedure of eyelash extension, let talk about the choices that you have. You either choose from man-made extensions or ones made from animal fur.

Natural Animal Fur Eyelashes:

Mink Individual Eyelashes:

The best choice that you have when it comes to the material of the eyelashes is Mink Individual Eyelashes. These lashes are soft, lightweight and the most desirable out of all the others. They are made up of the tail of two breeds of Minks, namely Siberian minks and Chinese minks. These extensions are very expensive and luxurious and have only a single downside to it. The downside is that, if you are allergic to animal fur then these will not be your best friends. Apart from that, I think if there is any reason someone would not want to buy these magnificent lashes then it would be an ethical one. Many people believe that these exploitations of animals for human beauty should be stopped. Anyhow if you like to buy them, you can spend a little more and get the best mink individual lashes.

Sable Lash Extensions:

Just like Mink’s eyelash, Sable lashes are also made from animal fur. It is also extracted from Sable’s tail but is not as easily available as Mink lashes. These are used for people with finer ones as the hair on Sable is finer and fluffier than Mink. So the beauty lovers that have finer eyelash and their lashes can’t take the weight of Mink ones can easily get the quality with Sable Lashes. Again the downside to these is also the same to the Mink product i.e. it is unsuitable if you are allergic to animal fur. And also if you are against it for ethical reasons.

Fox Lash Extensions:

Fox lash Extension is the most buzzing right now sue to the natural reddish color of them. You can avail them in the black tip and also the ones that are dyed in an ombré style. Be sure to do your research before going for a fox eyelash extension as they are only available in limited salons. Again, check first if you are allergic to animal fur or not as the irritation can’t be gambled with when it comes to eyes.

Man-Made Eyelashes:

Faux Lash Extensions:

If you want all the goodness of animal extracted eyelashes but without the guilt or irritation, then this is your ticket. Man has started making Faux-Mink and Faux-Fox ones that you can use for the glamorous feel. Another great thing is that with animal fur lash, you have to perm to get the curl but the faux ones are made with curl. So you can save time and look great without spending too much on just lashes.

Silk Lash Extensions:

Don’t get fooled by the name, these are not made from Silk. These are just called Silk lashes are they are heavy and look lustrous. But since they are heavy, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want something that looks pretty and is also light then go for the Faux lashes.

Synthetic Extensions:

These kinds of lashes are the most fake-looking and heavy out of all. These are too heavy for most of the people and therefore are steered clear of by many. They are used by people that prefer shine instead of luster.

The Process:

These extensions are not applied the same way that you do in your home and take off at night. These extensions are applied by the professionals in the salon and are applied using one at a time over your one natural lash. These individual eyelashes are dipped in a semi-permanent solution so that they last al least 6 months on your eyelids. These are applied considering your preference to the material, curl type and lash length so that your eyes get an enhancement without you having to spend half an hour on it daily.

If you want the best and natural-looking for the next 6 months to a year and are not allergic to animal fur then I would advise you to go with the Best Mink Individual Lashes.

Best Mink Individual Lashes:

Below is the name of a few of the best Mink Individual Lashes:

  1. Obeya 3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions.
  2. Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.20mm DD Curl.
  3. Lashview Premium D Curl Mixed Tray Eyelash Extensions.

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