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What To Consider Before You Get a Breast Implant in Singapore

Did you know that no two breasts are alike? Even on the same person. Even though the areolas and the nipples are pretty much consistent, the left breast is slightly larger than the right. The human breasts aren’t “perfect.” So, it isn’t a thing of surprise to find people often going for a breast implant …


6 ways water can influence your weight loss

Drinking water is the ‘holy grail’ of staying fit and healthy. Water makes up about 60% of the body. It has many functions like maintaining body temperature and eliminating toxins. It shows that we are dependent on water for normal functionalities. Maintaining a healthy weight requires that you keep hydrated. Here are ways in which …


Should You Buy Clothes from Fast Fashion Brands?

Fashion is an ever-changing industry.  Trends come and go rapidly. What was popular yesterday will quickly fade, replaced by some new fashion statement that catches fire and engulfs everything. While this is exciting and fun, it also leaves many people with closets full of outdated clothes. They wind up having out of fashion items that …

Beauty Reviews

How to Start Perfume Business in Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own perfume or cologne line in Canada, you’ve probably wondered how to get started. Some other points include; what the practical steps are, what the costs are, how to avoid the pitfalls that others may have made along the way and a slew of other questions. For someone …


Nine Fashion-related Memes that will definitely make your day

We’ve scoured the internet just for you to find some of the iconic memes, all things fashion across pop culture, and even those that are just ingrained in our culture. We hope that these will let you smile, laugh, or even ponder. We’ve even provided background to some of these relatable pictures, and some TikTok …


Why You Should Share your Problems and Challenges

Do you keep your troubles a secret? You may be confident with your self-sufficiency and regard dealing with problems on your own as an important component of your independence. You may also believe that voicing your concerns burdens others and that you do not want to annoy them. What occurs when you don’t communicate about …


10 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Shoe For You

If you’ve gone through numerous pairs of shoes that hurt your feet and leave you with blisters or other foot issues, it is likely that you are just not getting the right fit. We all have differently shaped feet and even if you have an idea of your size, that doesn’t mean that your feet …


How often and why should I go to the doctor?

This situation is familiar to everyone – a person walks around with a swollen cheek, suffering a wild toothache, but postpones a visit to the doctor until the last moment. Unfortunately, we go to the clinic only when the unpleasant symptoms are at the stage of exacerbation. To avoid this, with the support of the …