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Agi Max Keratin Treatment Review

agi max keratin treatment review

The Agi Max Keratin Treatment Review brand has become quite popular concerning keratin treatments. Most people are unaware of what these treatments can do.

For many women, the secret to having shiny and smooth hair is because of the keratin treatment. It’s a de-frizzing process that has become increasingly popular. However, many women still aren’t sure what it does, how long it lasts, and why they want it. You can find plenty of Agi Max Brazilian Keratin reviews online, but you need to know why you need it.

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

Buying the Agi Max Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening kit includes everything you need for hair straightening. The chemical process reduces frizz, adds shine, and smooths the hair for up to six months. In the past, your only choice was to go to a hairstylist to create a customized blend of the product to meet your needs.

Some brands contain formaldehyde, which is heated to release the product. However, many options now are formaldehyde-free. Regardless of the ingredients, these keratin-based products go into the hair follicle and put the keratin in, which is a protein your hair needs. As a result, the hair is going to look and be healthier.

What’s the Process?

It takes a long time to do a Brazilian keratin treatment, and it all depends on what formula is used, your hair texture, and the amount of hair you’ve got. At the salon, it could take four hours, but at-home treatments are designed to be done in less time.

Usually, you wash hair, apply the product to the wet hair, and let it sit there for half an hour. Blow drying can be done first before the treatment is applied. Then, a flat iron is used to seal the keratin into the hair.

Is It Like a Chemical Relaxer?

No, keratin treatments are temporary, so they wash out in a few months. A chemical relaxer is a permanent straightening option. Both treatments use various ingredients and achieve different results. Chemical relaxers usually use lithium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, or potassium hydroxide as the main ingredient. They work to break down the bonds in the curly hair and restructure it to become straight. Keratin hair treatments don’t alter the basic composition of the hair. Instead, they inject protein into the small holes within so that it is smoother. This washes out with time.

Should I Use a Brazilian Keratin treatment at home?

It’s possible to purchase the products or kit and do it yourself. Just make sure that it is an actual keratin treatment. Ensure it offers easy-to-understand and complete instructions. Also, you probably aren’t going to get the same results at home, so expect to do it every few weeks.

Is It a Safe Process?

If your product uses formaldehyde, this is a carcinogen. While the amount released during the treatment is small, it should be avoided. However, the Agi Max Brazilian product doesn’t contain formaldehyde, so it is extremely safe for your hair.

Can I Use the Product if I Colored My Hair?

Yes, color-treated hair can still get a keratin-based straightening treatment. It’s recommended that you switch to a sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo, though. Also, try not to shampoo more than a few times a week. You can always rinse the hair with straight water and condition.

What about Pricing?

If you get a keratin treatment at the salon, you can expect to pay a lot of money. Most women want to fix their hair without spending a fortune. The Agi Max brand allows you to straighten your hair for a fraction of the cost. Seeing as you can use it on color-treated hair without hurting it, this is a great solution. Our review explains more about the Agi Max hair straightening treatment.

The Review on Agi Max Keratin Treatment

There are currently countless products on the market, but Agi Max has a Brazilian hair straightening treatment. Often, it is called Agi Max Kera X. The innovative process allows you to transform your hair at home without chemically altering anything. You’re just sealing the porous parts of the hair with keratin.

Generally, keratin is a primary protein and is made in the body. It is necessary for the nails, skin, and hair. Using a keratin product like this is going to strengthen and moisturize the hair. If your hair is color-treated or damaged by blow-drying and relaxers, this is going to help you significantly.

Ultimately, relaxers are designed to change the actual structure of the hair. It often dehydrates and weakens it, which causes significant and irreversible damage. Once that happens, you must live with it or cut it. Traditional relaxers aren’t recommended on color-treated or processed hair.

Instead, Agi Max has come up with the Kera X Brazilian treatment. It’s a gentle alternative for women and men who want to relax the hair but don’t want the commitment of permanence. The Agi Max keratin treatment doesn’t break down the hair’s bonds. Instead, it adds a protective coating over your hair, which also increases shine and strength.

The Kit

This review focuses primarily on the kit, which includes everything you need for straightening the hair. You get:

  • Shampoo – washes the hair and removes any deposited residue. Also, prepares it for the full keratin treatment
  • Thermal Reconstruction (Kera-X treatment) – Replenishes keratin for damaged and dry hair and is full of amino acids
  • Finishing Balsam – seals hair cuticles to promote more manageable and shiny hair

How Do You Use the Agi Max Keratin Treatment?

With the Kera-X system, you can achieve brilliant shine without having to go to a professional. There are three steps, and each one can take time to complete.

Step 1

Wet your hair and use the shampoo included with the kit. Wash it as you usually do, and rinse it out. Do this twice. Towel dry the hair. Blow-dry it until it is completely dry. Then, brush your hair to release any tangles.

Step 2

Section the hair into four parts. Run a comb from one ear to the other, pulling that hair to the front. Put that into two equal sections on the top of your head. Continue doing this for the rest of the hair at the back.

Use the second product (thermal reconstruction.) We recommend that you put it in a bow and use a quantity of four squirts at the beginning. You can always add more if needed and may even put it on with your hands (use gloves).

Take down one of the sections of hair and use a salon-style small brush to apply the product. Use enough that it covers all of the hair. Start from the bottom or middle, working your way up. Stop at about 1-inch from the scalp. It’s best to create small and thin sections to ensure that each strand gets coated. This process could possibly take up to an hour.

Continue doing this until all sections have some of the product applied to it. Consider putting a squirt or two on your gloved hands and running that in the hair, as well, just to be safe. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes without touching the hair.

After that time, run a wire brush through the hair with the keratin product on it.

Rinse out the keratin treatment product and section the hair out into four equal halves again. Take down one section at a time and blow-dry the hair thoroughly.

Step 3

When the hair is fully dried, use a flat iron at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and run it over small sections of hair. Do this as many times as needed to go over all the hair with the flat iron.

Wait 10 minutes so that the hair gets cooled from the keratin treatment, and then wet your hair again. Use the final product (Finishing Balsam mask), adding three to four squirts into your hand. Run the hands through the hair, covering every strand as best you can. Massage the last product into the hair for about three minutes, and rinse it out.

Towel dry your hair gently so that you don’t create more frizz. Then, blow-dry it. You may style it or leave it straight. Some people prefer to use the flat iron once again, but you add more heat damage every time you do.

What Is the Strongest Keratin Treatment on the Market?

There are countless products on the market, but the Brazilian keratin treatment appears to be the strongest. You can find four main types of keratin treatments available.

The Brazilian one focuses on smoothing the hair and eliminating frizz while keeping volume intact. It’s suitable for people with excessive curls who live with humidity every day.

With the Soft treatment, the curls stay intact, and frizz is eliminated. If you prefer to have waves or curls, this might be suitable for you. This way, you don’t use many products and can still define curls and reduce frizziness.

Japzilian treatments are a mix between the Brazilian and Japanese straightening system. While the Japanese version is permanent, the Brazilian one is not. Therefore, you can get the same look and feel without permanently straightening the hair.

There’s also an express version, which uses serum. You still use a flat iron and blow dryer, but the work gets done much faster.

Of course, the Agi Max brand gives you the straightest hair. While the Japzilian one may be stronger, you can only get it done at a salon. For at-home treatments, this is the most potent option on the market.

Can Keratin Ruin the Hair?

A keratin treatment is designed to straighten the hair and help with regrowth. Therefore, by default, it doesn’t ruin your hair and actually makes it healthier. Still, you have to perform the keratin treatment correctly for you to see the best results.

Since you do blow-dry and flat iron the hair, there can be some heat damage. If you regularly use these tools on your hair, it is used to it and might not make much of a difference. However, you must use the tools correctly. After a keratin treatment, you don’t want to leave either heat source in one area too long. This could cause breakage.

Once you complete the keratin treatment, you’re advised not to use chemicals or heated tools for a few days to a week. This allows the keratin to ‘set’ and strengthen after the treatment.

Does Agi One Damage Hair?

No, Agi One and Agi Max products do not damage the hair. It is designed to leave a protective film over it to prevent damage. In a sense, the film locks the keratin in place. Then, you crystalize it using the flat iron and blow dryer. This helps the conditioning agents settle deeper into the hair to create smoothness and shininess.


This review has talked extensively about the Agi Max Keratin Treatment kit. You get three bottles, with each one doing something different. At first, you use the shampoo, which deeply cleanses the hair and gets it ready to accept the keratin. Then, you use the actual proteins and put them on your hair, sealing them in with the blow dryer and flat iron. Lastly, you have the conditioner, which helps add shine and softness after such a deep treatment.

Those who want straight hair and don’t want to spend all day at a salon may like this product line. It comes with complete directions, and you can go online to view full tutorials. That way, you know exactly what to do and when.

We think that if you have been trying to decide whether to get one, this at-home version is the perfect solution. Make sure you’ve got a day to relax and have some me-time by trying your person keratin treatment. It might also be fun to ask a friend to help you. Give you both a spa-like day and help your hair be smoother, more relaxed, and straighter. This kit allows you to do all three without the salon price.