Best Nail Polish Dryer 2020

Having stunning and beautiful nails is something every fashion-forward lady will never take for granted. Aside from improving the confidence, gorgeous nails also a sign that you take good care of your health and your follow proper personal hygiene. And with the best and most reliable nail dryer, you are assured that maintaining flawlessly fine-looking nails will not be much of an issue at any time.

If you know the perks of cleaning your nails on your own, you also know that it will take time before achieving a perfectly pedicured or manicured nails. So, you will need to ensure that your newly polished nails will not get smeared or spoiled even after a couple of minutes that you have done. You would not want to put to waste the effort, time and money that you would put into beautifying your nails. of course you don’t want that to happen, that is the reason why we want you to keep in mind the following perks of using a nail dryer.

Having a superior and high-quality nail dryer can assist you in avoiding all the mishaps that can probably take place while waiting for your nails to dry naturally.

Nail Polish Dryer: What are the Perks You Can Get?

  • Dry Nails Fast: A nail polish dryer can dry your nails in only a couple of minutes. However, if you would think of the long process, you may need to wait for 30 minutes before the nails are 100% dry. Just think of what you can have done with another 30 minutes when you use a nail polish dryer rather than having the nails air-dried. This equipment can dry nails in just a matter of five minutes. Waiting for just air to dry newly coated nails can take half an hour, which you can use to do other household chores.
  • LED/UV Nail Polish Dryer is a Prerequisite to a Well-Done Powder or Gel Dipped Nails: Curing is a vital element to having powder nails and gel nails. Therefore, when you are planning to have one in the future, you really want a nail dryer that can perform the job.
  • Provides an Assurance of a Better and Perfect Finish: This accessory aside from quickens the time of drying, the polished nails also assists in making sure that you’ll have professional looking nails if you are done.
  • Nail Polish Dryer Assists Avoid Mishaps: It’s relatively easy to smudge and smear a newly coated nails. So, the faster the nails get dry, the lesser the opportunity that you will get ruin the pedicure or manicure by chance or accident.
  • Finer Finish: For women who apply many layers of manicure or pedicure, this product helps in drying each layer faster and quicker and provides a neat, professional expert finish when you are completed.
  • Effective for Experts and Professionals: Are you a nail artist or salon expert? If so, then this equipment allows you to save precious time and enables you to accommodate many customers in one day. This gives you the chance to earn more. Also, your customers will be glad and contented as you are saving them more time and give fast and immediate service. So, the more clients you attend to, the more money you will get.

Pick the Best Nail Polish Dryer: What Are The Factors to Think Of

There are lots of nail polish dryers available on the market today. To find the ideal one, you might have to think of the following: 


This is a portable product; thus, you can take it anywhere you want to go. This is particularly beneficial for freelance salons or nail artists. There are nail dryers available powered by batteries. The corded model is also available. But, it is highly advisable to opt to a portable product.


Some nail polish dryers available can dry both hands at one time. If you’re an expert who’ll need to attend to many customers at a time, purchasing a nail dryer equipped with this feature is the most excellent choice. This will make servicing effective as well as efficient. 


Some products available are suggested to be utilized only for artificial and gel nails only. Other brands provide dryers which can be utilized only for regular nails. Also, some products can be utilized for both purposes. Each comes with a diverse price tag. If budget allows, you should think of one that can dry regular polishes or otherwise. 

Lamp Wattage 

Lamps come with diverse wattages, which range from 12watt and up. In general, a higher lamp wattage means a quicker time of drying and better curing effectiveness. So, lamp wattage must be a great contributing factor to the nail lamp buying option. Like for instance, for an ultraviolet lamp, you must not buy anything under 20w, while anything under 12w for a LED nail lamp wouldn’t provide curing results as well as speed. On the other hand, the costs are also likely to boost as the watt of the lamp goes up. 

What is the Best Nail Polish Dryer Size? 

You have to pick smartly once looking at the size or dimension of a lamp. Some lamps just fit 4 fingers, so you need to cure each finger separately. Therefore, try and obtain a bigger one or a product that does both hands in one time. 

When doing pedicures, you have to consider getting a lamp equipped with a detachable button to allow you to perform pedicures. 

How Much Do I Need to Pay for a Nail Lamp? 

About the amount you must pay for this product, first, you need to think of the amount it will cost for an expert manicure buying a lamp does not seem that bad. 

The amount you give out will get you extremely diverse lamps. However, there’s no reason for you to go out as well as purchase the costly lamp out there if a reasonable one does. You can purchase UV or LED nail lamps for a low price, so you must look for something within your budget. 

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