8 Best Nail Polish Thinner

Are you one of those people who are seeking for the best nail polish thinner in the market today? Congratulations because you’ve come to the perfect place!

You know just any nail aficionado they hate. You will be surprised that near the top of the list is opening a bottle of manicure to find a gooey, non-brush-able mess. The worst part is that it always happens to the exact color you like to wear that day.

Anybody who loves to manicure and decorate their hands is guaranteed to have several bottles of those old, cumbersome nail acrylic, which are only too valuable to throw away. That stunning color, which has been discontinued, the bottle of acrylic you wore on your date. Seriously, everyone cannot simply toss them out.

Therefore, good quality nail manicure thinner will make sure your polishes go the distance even if you purchase wholesale manicure enamel.

What are the Nail Polish Thinners?

In case you are living under a rock, a thinner is a special chemical, which is poured to the nail varnish to make them less clumpy and thick, making them much fluid and simple to utilize. They are also utilized to extend the amount of manicure you could obtain from an ordinary bottle.

Keep in mind that these acrylics get clumpier and thicker over time after they have been opened. That’s because they are made of unstable solvents, which vanish when exposed to the air. That causes the polish to lose some of its liquids, and hence become much thicker.

On top of that, these enamel thinners also work by changing the solvents, which are evaporating from the nail varnish. That enables it to go back to a better consistency. It can do so as this product is made of similar solvents seen in a nail varnish.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nail Polish Thinner

You will find a few things to take into consideration, which might help you find the best product for your needs, even though you could find these products easily and effortlessly. Below are the things you need to keep in mind when buying this product.


Make sure that you stay away from those manicure thinners, which have a trace amounts of acetone. In case you didn’t know yet, this compound will help thin out your acrylic. Not just that, it will make your manicure discolored and weaker.

Nail Thinners for Gel or Regular Polish

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that you must learn the different types of nail thinners. You will find two types: thinners for regular manicures and gel manicures.

Search for the thinner, which works well with the type of polishes you utilize. Remember that some thinners work for gel manicures. Some are particular for the UV toenail polishes, while others are for the air dry nail colors.

Therefore, ensure you pick the one you need or go for a multipurpose thinner.


Go for a thinner, which might not harm or impact the color formation or shine of your manicure. Pick a product that will provide you the same lasting effect on your hands.


Search for the aspects such as having a dropper on the bottle. The reason behind this is that the bottles having a dropper on top or come with such accessory is simpler to use; otherwise, you might buy the dropper individually to add the drops.

You can easily get the best thinner after a thorough analysis. Ensure you do not skip these factors we mentioned above. This will help you to end up with a useful product that will offer you the outcomes you are expecting.

Reviews of the 8 Best Nail Polish Thinners

Are you now ready to learn the best thinners available in the market today? Without further ado, allow us to present to you our top ten.

Mavala Nail Beauty Thinner

You can now easily bring back your varnish along with this thinner from Mavala and make them look like new. It will just take you a few drops of this product, and you will restore your gunky or thickened nail varnish to its stunning consistency. At the same time, it will also sustain its original shine. Amazing, isn’t it?

What’s more, liquefying your lacquer guarantees flawless application of thin coats of nail paint. That lasts longer compared to thick coats, which are more likely to peel or chip in a just several days. One of the best things about this product is that it has a built-in dropper. That surely makes this product simple to use and add drops to your polish.


  • Extends shelf life of the polish
  • Doesn’t impact shine or color of the lacquer
  • Dilutes thickened toenail enamel
  • Has a built-in dropper


  • This might not work when used with gel manicures

LeChat Gelos Gel Thinner

Are you one of those people who are having a difficult time with a gel polish, which has become gooier? Does it cause more clumps and streaks during your application? Perhaps what you simply need is just a gel polish thinner from LeChat.

Do you know what the best thing about the product? It is a non-solvent specialized thinner that has a photoinitiator and monomers, helping thin congealed polish without impacting its curing period.

The best part is that it offers a dropper, letting you exact and hassle-free usage. This thinner makes sure your polishes become simple to apply.


  • Doesn’t impact the curing period
  • It works with LED and UV light
  • Non-solvent thinner
  • Has simple-to-use dropper


  • You might need to utilize more drops to liquefy the gel polish

Seche Restore Restoration Thinner

This top-notch thinner is one of those products that can dilute any polish and restore it to the perfect consistency without decreasing the shine and color of the polish. Are you one of those folks who have one or more old polishes in your home, which you like to be restored to its original consistency? Then look no further because this product got you covered.

You can add two to three drops of the thinner straight into your finish by using the built-in glass dropper. Blend it, roll the bottle between your palms, and you are good to go.

Just keep in mind that this product only works with regular polishes. Nonetheless, it can also be utilized to thin out those topcoats.


  • Works with topcoat and regular nail varnish
  • Deals with natural claws
  • Restore dried enamel easily and effortlessly
  • Has a glass dropper


  • The liquid might vaporize if it is not stored in a cool setting

Glam and Glits Gel Polish Thinner

Are you currently thinking about how you can dilute a gel-based toenail enamel that has become sticky? Then Glam and Glits Gel Polish Thinner is the ideal product for you. This product is specifically created to solve a bulky gel polish, which has become not usable.

Did you know that the formula in this product lessens the stickiness and thickness of a polish? It also makes it smoother for a uniform application. On top of that, it doesn’t alter the overall quality and color of the polish.

Just do keep in mind that the “less is more” approach is applicable when utilizing this product. The polish might not cure well if you add too much of this compound.


  • Makes polish simple to apply and smooth
  • Ideal for gel polishes
  • A little application goes a long way
  • It comes with a small pipette


  • Other users dislike the powerful smell of this thinner
  • A bit costly

Nail Tek Extend Professional Polish Thinner

Today, you can easily solve your polish up with this amazing thinner from Nail Tek. You can utilize this product to fix your limited-edition shade. There’s no need to buy another one! You can easily make it look good as new with Nail Tek Extend Professional Polish Thinner!

You are very much aware of how lacquers are more likely to solidify at the bottommost of the bottle because of the vaporization of solvents. The good thing is all you need is a few drops of this product, and it will change the essential solvents, refurbish the original viscosity and extend the life of your nail varnish!

In addition, this product comes with a dropper. That will help you pour the exact amount of drops into the polish. Hence, there’s no need to think about adding too much or wasting a precious drop.


  • Has a dropper
  • Ideal for every nail type
  • Prolongs the use of the polish
  • Preserve the lacquer


  • This product might not last that long because it is more likely to evaporate

Super Nail Polish Thinner

Perhaps you are one of those individuals you like to nail enamel to have a great consistency, allowing you to smoothly apply it on your nails. If that’s the case, this specific product is the one you need.

In fact, a few drops of this thinner will enable you to return any clumpy and gooey nail paint to its original form. On top of that, a smooth and thin consistency is what you want for a hassle-free and uniform application.

Nevertheless, just do keep in mind that this product has acetone. That simply suggests it could lessen the shelf life of your favorite manicure. Therefore, we suggest that you utilize this product only when needed.


  • Keeps the consistency of the polish
  • Makes the polish smoother
  • Lasts longer
  • Simple to utilize


  • It might have a powerful chemical smell

Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

Let’s face it. Nail finishes are more likely to get sticky and think in the long run. That makes it complicated to apply on your nails. Nevertheless, you don’t need to toss them immediately as this specific thinner can solve your concern.

Just add a few drops of this product to your manicure, and it can easily bring it to a smooth brushable consistency, making it simple for you to use. The best part about this product is that it has a dropper connected to the bottle cap, making it hassle-free to distribute the liquid.


  • It works with air-drying nail finish brands
  • It is made of solvents that are seen in nail paints
  • Robust bottle
  • Free of leak


  • A bit costly

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

Does your favorite and preferred manicure solidify to the degree that you cannot use it anymore? There’s no need to be stressed out because all you need is OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner. Just add several drops of this product, and your polish will return to its normal condition.

This sought-after product transforms your polish to an awesome and stunning consistency for the best results. It also boosts the longevity of your polish. One of its best features is that it is made of ethyl and butyl acetate, making it 100% safe to use.

A little drop of this product must do the magic, helping you accomplish your preferred thickness.


  • Lengthens the life of the polish
  • Has a dropper lid
  • Durable enough


  • Some users claim it has a thick consistency

Bottom Line

You see, these awesome nail polish thinners will surely add to the life to your boring, dry nail paints. You can rest assured that these products do not just stand on their proclamations, but they also boost the consistency, longevity, and quality of your all-time favorite manicures.

So there you have it! These are the best nail acrylic thinner you can get today. Remember the things we mentioned in this post, and you are certain to find the best product to your needs! We wish you the best of luck in your buying journey!