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Best Rosehip Oil for Face Review

Rosehip oil is used as an anti-aging product. That means, it hides your wrinkles and other age spots. It is rich in vitamin A. The question is how it hides wrinkles? According to Dr. Carrie Lam,

“Extensive studies have shown rosehip seed oil to have a positive effect on scars, stretch marks, sunburn, and aging skin. Because of its high fatty acid content, Rosehip seed oil penetrates the skin’s upper layers very quickly, making it a good moisturizer.”

So in this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits of rosehip oil, how to use this oil and how to keep it safe. So let’s begin with the deeper intro of rosehip oil.

What is Rosehip Oil

Basically, rosehip is an accessory fruit. It is also known as rose haw and rose hep. This fruit provides the best rosehip oil for your face. Its oil is extracted from its seeds. It’s an amber berry-like fruit that grows on rose bushes.

It was shown by the studies in the 1980s, rosehip is beneficial for healing various skin ailments. It regenerates skin tissues, or even improve your skin tone. The ‘Rosa Canina’ rose bush is grown mostly in South Africa and Chile.

Let me tell you an interesting fact that the Romans used ‘Rosa Canina’ for the purpose of healing dog bites. Rosehip oil is not extracted from rose petals, it is extracted from the fruit seeds of the rose plant.

Rosehip oil contains vitamins that are essential for skin nourishing and also fatty acids. This oil also contains a compound known as ‘Phenol’ that has the properties of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Now we are going to discuss the characteristics that made the rosehip oil best for your face.


Keep your skin hydrated or moisturized is very essential especially in cold weather. This keeps your skin soft. So, yes for the sake of keeping your skin soft, the rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids i.e. linoleic acid.

Fatty acids harden the walls of the cells so that the cells don’t lose water. Also, it is excellent for hydrating dry and itchy skin.

Brightens your skin tone

Rosehip oil is rich with vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A replaces your dead skin cells with younger ones and vitamin C regenerate cells and boosts your skin shine.

Collagen Formation

First, let me tell you briefly about collagen. So, Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Its function is to keep the body together. Your body starts decreasing collagen according to your age.

The vitamins present in the rosehip oil also functions to produce collagen. An enzyme that breaks collagen in your body is MMP-1. It is found that rosehip stops the creation of this enzyme.

Reducing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in which patches of your skin become darker in color as compared to that of surroundings. This can be the result of hormonal changes, sunburn or certain medications.

Vitamin A contains a nutritional compound known as Retinoid. This compound has the ability to reduce hyperpigmentation on regular use.

Also, rosehip oil contains lycopene and beta carotene. These ingredients have the ability of skin-lightening. That would definitely be essential in lightening your dark patches or dark spots.

Boosting Immunity

Strong and healthy cells prevent bacteria from invading the skin by acting as a barrier. The rosehip oil contains fatty acids including linoleic acid that prevents the cells from breaking and obviously making them strong.

Increasing Eyelash, Nail and Hair Growth

Besides all the benefits of fatty acids, there is another property that is worth discussing. The fatty acids strengthen your nails that prevent them from breaking.

Rosehip also repairs the follicles and damaged tissues of your hair resulting in hair growth.

How to Use the Best Rosehip Oil for Face

Rosehip oil is typically safe for all types of skins. But to prevent taking the risk you must test it first. Although it is not guaranteed that it will not negatively affect your skin. So, there are some steps you need to follow in order to test it. Don’t apply it directly on your face, first test it by applying on your arm or wrist.

So, let’s move towards the steps:

  1. Take the small amount of rosehip oil and apply it on your wrist or forearm.
  2. Now, cover the applied area with a Band-Aid.
  3. Leave it for 24 hours.
  4. Remove the band and check the applied area for any sign of irritation.
  5. If you find your skin itchy, irritated or any kind of inflammation, then you must have to consult your doctor first.
  6. And of course, if there’s no such sign of irritation and all that. Then it is safe for you to use.

So, now you have done with the patch testing of this oil. If the test is passed then you must use this oil at least twice a day. You can use it separately or you can also use it by adding some drops of it in any of your favorite moisturizer or carrier oil.

In order to extend its life, keep it in a cool and dark place. The best practice you can follow is to keep that oil in the refrigerator. This will keep your rosehip oil safe and make it the best rosehip oil for face.

Last Words:

Vitamin A, C, E, and many fatty acids are combined in this oil and become the best rosehip oil for face. Rosehip oil is just like a magical product that reduces your wrinkles and other aging spots.

This oil is made up of completely natural compounds that moisturize, hydrates and brightens your skin tone. There are many other features of this oil as well.

Although rosehip oil is safe for every skin, you have to test it first before using it on a daily basis. If you get any itchy skin or burn during testing, you must have to consult your doctor first.