The Swatch Chart – The Most Creative Way to Organize Your Lipstick

If you’re obsessed with makeup, you’re probably guilty of hoarding products you don’t actually need. And we can’t blame you, since there are some new exciting launches in the makeup industry every other day. Some lip colors are too pretty to ignore, and then there’s that unique packaging that makes you buy an eyeshadow palette that you won’t ever use!

Buying so many products isn’t really an issue since most beauty enthusiasts love to collect makeup. However, organizing your makeup vanity and keeping track of all those products can sometimes feel like a hassle.

This is exactly why The Swatch Chart is such a genius makeup room decor – you can have your lipstick collection displayed on your wall and decide what color to wear with just a look!

Organize Your Lipsticks

We all have our lipsticks stacked in our makeup storage boxes, but how often do we actually wear all of those colors? If you have them in one drawer, you’ve probably forgotten about a lot of the shades you bought last year, which you could still make use of. It’s totally normal to wear the same shade every day and get stuck on a lipstick color you absolutely love. But if you have other beautiful lipsticks, why not use those too? You gotta get your money’s worth, even in makeup!

The Swatch Chart is created to help you fix this problem. This unique product can be your personalized visual organizer. It’s so easy to use – just swatch your lipsticks on the swatch spots, and use a sharpie to write the name of the shade and brand underneath. Once you have it filled in and hung on your wall, you’ll know exactly which shades you own. This can help you with many things: choosing your lipstick of the day, deciding which shades to buy less, or more from; and using up the lipsticks you already have before they expire. Isn’t that awesome?

Not Just a Wallpaper

The Swatch Chart isn’t made of paper, it’s actually created out of a poly cotton blend material which is the perfect surface for all types of lipstick formulas. There are many types of Swatch Charts you can choose from: a canvas poster, hanging canvas – which has a wood hanging hardware that’s easy to set up and a canvas wrap that is already framed. There’s even one that’s made out of metal – the aluminum surface allows wiping off the swatches and adding new colors over and over again!

Crazy about Colors

Additionally, you can choose Swatch Charts in different color categories. If you’re the type to stick to only one color category, and you keep buying different shades of your favorite color, you can find a special chart just for you! There are Swatch Charts such as “Reds”, “Nudes”, “Pinks” & more. This will help you tell the difference between all of your similar lipstick shades and categorize them neatly.

Decorate Your Beauty Room

This product is the most original piece of beauty room wall art. Once you swatch your lipsticks, you’ll have a personalized makeup room decor unlike no other beauty lover in the world, since all of us have different lipstick preferences! It has a simple black and white illustration which will fit perfectly into any style of interior design.

Get Creative

Imagine all the fun makeup looks you can do once you dare to use more color? The Swatch Chart will remind you of all the possibilities you have right there – hidden in your drawer! When you’ll be able to see all the colors in front of you, you’ll surely be inspired to create vibrant makeup looks and try out different color combinations in your daily makeup routine.

Save Your Money

If you have all of your lipstick shades displayed in your beauty room, chances are, you’ll get to use those lipsticks more often. This means that you will save money on makeup just because you probably won’t buy as much lipstick. You’ll become aware of all of those colors you own and think twice before buying another extremely similar shade to the one you have at home. Your lip products will finally be used up before the expiry date and you’ll feel proud for being thrifty! This is just another reason why we love practical products such as The Swatch Chart.

Your new beauty room wall art that will visually organize your lipstick is just one step away from you. Choose your favorite design and size at and enjoy this awesome product!