Semi Permanent Tattoo

Nowadays, having a tattoo is considered as an art. Though for some, they have some negative impression to those people who are full of body emblem. Designs on the body speak a lot. It may reflect on what kind of person you are. Negative opinions nowadays are not given too much attention to tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. People can now live freely, and they can choose whether to have a body tattoo or not.

If you have plans of having a body art- a mark, you might consider choosing a semi permanent tattoo. From the word semi, you can easily say that it will not last long. But what is the difference of semi-permanent to a permanent one? Here are pieces of information that can help you decide whether to have a semi permanent or not.

Tattoo for Millennials

This type of emblem looks classy and still looks permanent. If you have plans to go to a tattoo party and you don’t have any symbol yet. This is the best for you. Are you afraid of the pain of the needle? If that’s what stopping you, this might be of help. This could be the best alternative if you wanted to have a body tattoo. Young people nowadays have their own thinking about the design. Some wanted to have a long-lasting body mark while some prefer this. Their reason is simply this: they want to have another image or design after day, weeks, or months. If you have the same reason, then this one is for you.

Temporary mark use inks, which are henna-like inks that are used by body artists to stain the emblem enthusiast skin- topmost layer. This henna-like ink can just last for a week or two. What can you get with semi permanent tattoos? Below are some benefits and advantages you can get.

Benefits of Semi Permanent Tattoos

Safety and Transparency

It uses organic ink, which is safe for your sensitive skin. Other ingredients of the ink for it are all safe.

Pain- free

Unlike permanent marks wherein the pain that you can get is pain, this one is painless. “No pain, no gain” quote is not accurate for this type. There is no healing process and pain with this. If you want to feel the pain of a real symbol, then it is your choice. On the other hand, for those who want painless, this is a great choice.

Free to Change Your Mind

Perhaps, what’s good about this is that it really looks real, but it won’t last long. Choosing the best design to inked your skin is a difficult decision. You should think twice as to what you really like for a design. Well, that is for a permanent emblem. For this, choosing the design can never be your problem. Why? Simply because this will only last for two weeks! If you change your mind, then it will not give you any stress. Instead, it will give you fun! If the first design doesn’t look good, then you can change it immediately. A mark is about self- expression, your style, also your interest. It reflects your whole personality, so as your body art. So, if you just want to try if something looks good on your skin, then you might need this. If you are in the mood have a new one, then these Semi Permanent tattoos can give you a commitment- freestyle to do whatever you want.

Permanent Mark can be Test Run

If you are planning to have your skin inked with a permanent one and you are a bit hesitant to do so, not now! With this, you can try the design that you want to be permanently tattooed in your body. You can see the actual picture of that design, and if it doesn’t work for you, then you may feel free to choose another design. And if you find a perfect design, and you are certain that you wanted this to be inked forever in your body, then go! Let it be permanently inked in your body.

Up Your Game Accessory

This is a nice way to create or even add visual interest to any form of ensemble. You can also swap out any statement necklace into statement mark. You can also replace a rigid anklet or bracelet with a unique form of artwork. A real bracelet, anklet, or necklace can be very heavy, unlike this, which is weightless and soundless way to complement your look.

Avoid Health Risk

Some of the fans look for a cheap tattoo artist who is not appropriately trained. This is the risky part here because it can cause infection, major health risks, and any other health issues. Needles that are used by cheap tattoo artists are not properly sterilized, and it can cause infection. On the other hand, by the mentioned tattoo earlier, it helps you save your lives.

Those are just some advantages of choosing it over a real permanent design. Here are some more. Symbols define who you are, but not all people see it as an art. You might find difficulty in landing a job because of your body mark. A relationship falls apart while symbols don’t. Days can be very beautiful if you are very in love, and to show it to your partner, you decided to tattoo their name. But then again, you can never tell when the sunshine will last. You will surely hate seeing your ex’s name and face all over your body once you broke up. Of course, you will never love being stuck with their memories. You’ll surely hate your body emblem, so the best choice is a semi-permanent mark so you can easily change it with your new one.

Bare skin or tattooed skin, it’s your choice. The advantages are clearly stated above so you can easily decide what type of mark you would like to have. Permanent symbols can be risky, so you better choose the best one. Scar, pain, skin infection, and any other health risk are not associated it, so think and decide now.