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Best Microneedling Pen To Buy

You have probably heard about microneedling as a rejuvenating skin treatment. Microneedling is the process of piercing the skin with some extremely fine, tiny needles to create micro-wounds. These wounds are hardly visible normally. How these wounds help, though, is that they send a signal to the body that there is an injury on the skin and collagen needs to be produced to heal the wounds. As a result, with increased production of collagen and elastin, the skin appears plumped up, wrinkles and fine lines lighten, and your skin looks smoother and younger. Interesting, isn’t it? Besides, the absorption of the skincare products you apply after microneedling is increased, thus anything you use after will work more effectively. That’s why you have to know what products to use after microneedling, preferably for your skin type and condition.

You can go for a treatment at any professional skin clinic but there is also the option of performing this procedure at home, with microneedling pens. There a number of microneedling pens, or dermapens as they are often called, available to choose from. Choosing the right one may be difficult if you are not already experienced in the procedure. Here we provide you a list of some of the best microneedling pens that will make the procedure smooth and easy.

Dr. Pen Ultima A6

Dr. Pen Ultima A6 is a popular choice when it comes to the best microneedling pens. It is made of a high quality silver metal shell and uses a nano-chip therapy system that makes the procedure painless and prevents bleeding. It works to reduce the appearance of acne, pitted scars, stretch marks, dark spots, fat streaks, sun spots, and pigmentation. It increases the absorption capacity of the skin and any products used after the treatment, such as serums, will absorb and work better. The kit usually contains 1 Ultima A6 Dr. pen, two batteries, one charger adapter, 1 US wall charger, 1 USB charger cable, one travel case and one instruction manual. But there are other packages for Ultima A6 with a variety of accessories as well.

Dr. pen Ultima M5

The Dr. pen Ultima M5 is specially designed for eyebrows, eyeliner, fine hairlines, lip, microdermabrasion, and scars. It is a rechargeable tool with varying speeds and varying needle lengths for safe and painless treatment. It is the best microneedling pen to reduce or eliminate the most common skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and scars, rejuvenating your skin in just a few days. This pen is suitable for all skin types.

Dr. Pen Ultima A1

The Dr. Pen Ultima A1 uses the latest technology combining varying speed and different needle lengths. It has five varying speeds and varying adjustable needle lengths from 0.25 mm to 2.5mm, making it configurable for any body part depending on how thick or delicate the skin is. This makes the Ultima A1 usable on any part of your body and not just the face. A combination of one, three, five, and seven pins are used for eyeliner, eyebrows, and tattoos. Nine pins and twelve pins are used for removing wrinkles, repair mole pits, eliminate stretch marks and acne. Thirty-six and forty-two pins are used for shrinking pores, whitening, spot removing, and skin rejuvenation. One of the best microneedling pens available, Ultima A1 can be used both professionally and at home.

Rodan and Fields Redefine AMP MD System

This kit has a derma roller instead of a pen, but the function performed by it is just the same as any of the best microneedling pens. Rodan and Fields is a trusted brand when you talk about skincare. The Redefine AMP MD System derma roller can firm up your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles with its micro-exfoliation roller technology. The kit includes a Redefine Night Renewing serum for use after microneedling. Rodan and Fields Redefine AMP MD System uses micro-exfoliating tips instead of needles, making the procedure less painful and more comfortable. The kit also includes a storage case for the roller and a cleansing vial.

The Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller

This product was launched by skincare expert and aesthetician Kerry Benjamin. The micro-roller is loaded with 20 mm needles that help with reducing acne scars, smoothing the complexion, and reducing large pores as well as any of the best microneedling pens. With repeated use, you are guaranteed to have softer, brighter skin with a natural glow.

Although microneedling at home is considered safe, you have to be careful that you are doing the procedure correctly. Incorrect use of a dermapen or derma-roller may cause injury and may damage your skin. It is essential to choose the best microneedling pen from a trusted brand to obtain desired results. Consult a skincare expert before going for microneedling at home. A professional will be able to guide you regarding the procedure and suggest the best microneedling pen for your skin. Avoid using microneedling excessively or aggressively, to protect your skin from unwanted scarring and damage. Carry out the procedure only as recommended by experts.

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