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Best Gifts For The Techie Man

One of the hardest things is to find a good gift for guys, as they don’t make it obvious enough that they want a certain thing as a birthday gift. A better solution to this problem is to get insights about his interest, whether he’s into tech or has a nerdy touch in his personality. If the person digs technology and is passionate about it, there are some of the techie gifts listed below, which will ease you in picking up something for him as there are a plethora of gadgets available in the market.


Techie or not, this is a kind of gift which almost no one in this world would dislike. However, smartphones get divided into two classic categories; Android and iOS (Apple). Most of the time guys prefer Apple iPhone over anything, because of its overall performance, while a lot of them including me have never gotten enough of the perks of owning an android. So, the preference here is kind of subjective, but you should go with the iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20+, which are the hottest drops of 2019-20.


Wearable technology has taken everyone in its storm since this small gadget has all the features of a proper high-end smartphone. This right here shows how smart the next upcoming decades are going to be. For that, Mens smartwatch can be the best accessory a tech enthusiastic guy can own, because it’s a whole new level of compactness.

Not only that, but it also works as a fitness tracker or health monitoring device, by tracking your all-day activities and keeping an eye on your blood pressure, heart rate and sleep intervals. Apple watch series 5 is the latest of all from Apple, and it truly is best in the game nowadays. Don’t forget to read the reviews of other mens smartwatches before buying.


Gone were the days when people used to wear wired headsets for gaming and for listening to music because now they are moving towards the Bluetooth technology where the headsets are connected through it with your smartphone and you truly can get the experience of getting your hands-free from the untangling of wires.

One of the best earbuds in the business right now is Apple’s Air pods pro, which will uplift the music lover’s mood more than anything else. Read review before making a purchase: Sound Guys.


What’s the best way to capture moments and save it to rejoice them whenever you want to rather than a DSLR camera, which can be used for several purposes; photography, videography, and vlogging.

Gaming headsets

Without gaming headsets, I guess a gaming enthusiastic person won’t be able to fully enjoy its experience, and for that, you should go for the ones which are the best when it comes to overall sound experience. There is the number of wireless headsets available for this very purpose including Logitech G Pro X, HyperX Cloud Stinger and SteelSeries Arctic 7, etc. These aren’t way too expensive for that matter, but they do their job perfectly.


This can be the best accessory for one’s work station since it’s a type of thing which is used by any type of person, whether he’s into technology or not. Your preference for selecting a laptop shouldn’t be awesome specs and performance only, but you also look for the sleekness and comfortableness.

If you go for a heavy laptop, it might become a liability for the person, since to carry it around every time you’ve to travel is not a piece of cake and one can get fed up easily. Therefore, try going for the one which is compact, sleek and has a better overall performance.