Trendy Makeup 2020 Five Options You Will Want To Repeat

Unusual arrows, pastel shadows, glitter, retro make-up inspired by beauty icons of the 60s and 80s – this is an incomplete list of the main makeup trends of 2020. Star makeup artists show how to repeat the most stylish make-up images that will be in fashion all year.

Banana winged eyeliners

60s beauty trends will be current again this year. And the banana winged eyeliners above the crease of the eyelids, thanks to the Victoria Beckham show, will be one of the most fashionable makeup of 2020. Especially if you decide to use not classic black eyeliner or shadows, but liners of bright colors.

Makeup artist Hindash shows how to create trendy eyeliners in the style of the 60s. Draw a clear line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Pull the line in the temples and lead it to the tip of the eyebrow. Then “fold and draw a corner parallel to the tail of the eyebrow, stretching the upper line just above the fold of the eyelid to the inner corners. If you choose light or red-pink shades of the liners, draw the thinnest line along the ciliary edge with black shadows or eyeliner. This will visually make the eyelashes thick, and the look will not be tired due to the warm shade of the lines.

This makeup can not be supplemented with anything else. Maximum – light shadows and nude lipstick. Just do not forget about the even tone and well-groomed eyebrows.

Bright makeup in the style of the 80s

  The eighties are still trending. And the makeup of that era – too. Especially in fashion, bright blush and 3D lips. The last makeup trick was introduced into fashion by makeup artist Marilyn Monroe Allan “Whitey” Snyder. But in the 80s, when lipsticks of the brightest shades were in fashion, makeup artists got used to using several different shades in one image. The most “running” combinations were red-orange and red-pink. 

What about glow? Then the fashion was not contouring, but dreyping. That is, the use of glow not only on the cheeks but also on the cheekbones and temples following the example of contouring products. Check these environmentally friendly makeup brands if you are interested.

  To make the bright makeup of the 80s more modern and “wearable,” Hollywood star makeup artist Lisa Eldridge suggests using a pink tint not only on the cheeks but also on the eyes and lips. Such make-up will be in trend in 2020. 

Kissed Lip Effect

Makeup trend 2020 – the effect of kissed lips – the last couple of years is the main trend of K-beauty. And in France, such a make-up does not go out of fashion for the past 50 years. So, you should learn how to create makeup in the style of kissed lips.

Bella Hadid favorite make-up artist Peter Philips recommends starting with a balm, and then applying a bright shade to the center of the lips and blend with a fingertip. So the lips will be moisturized and semi-matte at the same time.

Retro smokey

  If you do not like artsy makeup and prefer classics, there is a version of the trendy make-up 2020. These are retro smokey. You could see actresses in cult paintings of the French new wave wearing such a make-up, as well as Ornella Muti from the 70s to the 80s. Such make-up is created very simply and quickly. 

  Makeup artist Violetta recommends to first apply a black liner to the interciliary lines, slightly blend the contour into a soft haze, and then remove the black color only from the inner interciliary space. She uses copper to replace the black liner, but you can choose any shade that suits your eye color. For example, brown, purple or khaki. Using your fingers, apply any chimeric shadows to the upper and outer eyelids. Curl eyelashes and apply several layers of mascara. Voila! Trendy makeup 2020 is ready. 

60s makeup in pastel colors

In the 60s, pastel shades were in fashion. Blue, yellow, pink, lilac – all these shades will look fantastic in front of our eyes, and they will be in fashion all year 2020. So worth a try. The main thing is that the shadows are matte.

To recreate the canonical makeup of the 60s, emphasize the folds of the eyelids with brown shadows. Apply them to the outer corners and blend well. Then apply a pastel shade (optional) on the entire moving eyelid. If desired, you can add a thin line, but without it, the makeup will look fantastic.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer who has been working as a journalist and a translator before but focused on writing lately for different online resources including resume helper. Makeup and fashion will always remain those things she has a particular interest for.