Best Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment Review

This article is intended for those of you who are craving to get permanent straightening treatment. You might have curly, frizzy or wavy hair, which is the reason you are here and trying to get the knowledge out of it. A lot of you people don’t mind to straighten them occasionally. They straighten them temporarily with any straightener or iron. But what if you can have the permanent straight hair? What if you don’t have to suffer through straightening them on and off? Well, there is good news for you! You can have permanent hair straightening treatment and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

You may already know there are so many different kinds of these treatments. Some can straighten for a few weeks or months. Some permanent hair straightening procedures are also available that will straighten them permanently.

But do you have any idea about what happens when you get done with any such kind of procedure? No doubt the temporary straightening procedure cause damage. But they don’t do as much damage as the permanent straightening treatment does. Do you know what the reason behind this is? It’s because these treatments break the bonds. These bonds give the shape to your curl and provide waviness. The products used in these treatments break these bonds in the roots and the bonds aren’t coming back. It’s hard to achieve them, once they are broken.

So, we’ll be discussing the things that you might not know but should know before getting a permanent hair straightening.

Things to consider

In this post, we’re going over some of the major things that you should consider before hitting up the salon for your treatment. Well, the choice is yours, but please be informed of what you are going to get as a result of a permanent hair straightening treatment.


The chemical products used in permanent hair straightening cause a lot of harm. They weaken your roots by breaking the bond which gives shape to your curls. Some companies claim that their treatment products might not damage the way other’s products do. They say that their products are less harmful because their products are formaldehyde-free. But there are chances that they are still harmful because some alternatives may also be found. Those alternatives components can be methanol, formalin, methylene glycol, and methanethiol. So please be informed about all these components mentioned in the packaging before buying. If a product says that it’s formaldehyde-free or safer than other products, you should double-check it before buying.


Customizing your permanent straightening procedure can be a good and safer option for you. You may not know this, but yes you can customize your treatment according to your needs. We all know that hair texture does vary, so why couldn’t the treatment be, too? Before its application, you can change its formula according to your hair texture. You may apply the gentler formula over your thin scalp. On the thick ones, you may apply the actual formula for the better and gorgeous results. Don’t feel afraid of mixing up the formulas to let it give you a gentler effect. This way you can protect your hair from being damaged to a greater extent.

Always Check Tools

If you’re performing your any permanent treatment by yourself at home or getting it done by your stylist in a salon, be sure that the tools that are being used aren’t old. Old tools may damage to a greater extent. To avoid this huge amount of loss by using the old tools, be sure that they are in good enough condition. You don’t have to take a risk for the unnecessary damage.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

One of the biggest reasons for destruction after the permanent hair straightening treatment is that you didn’t pay close attention to the aftercare instructions of the product. Most of the products that permanently straighten, don’t allow you to use heating tools for a few days after getting the procedure done. But neglecting the fact, if you use any heat tool, it will fry your length and won’t leave them in a presentable position. So, do follow the instructions of aftercare and be very wary when it comes to the aftercare.

Test So You Don’t Regret

To be a little more careful about your treatment, let your stylist test a sample on you first. This way you’ll get to know about the after results of the process. You should never skip this step to be sure that nothing bad will happen. Using a straightener randomly is always less harmful than permanent hair straightening. Even then, do you really wish for the treatment done with greater damage? It will leave your lengths multi-textured with a lot of frizziness when its effect is going away. Before hitting up the salon, think once again! It’s always a better approach to double-check your thoughts too.

Tell Your History

You should be wary and super cautious before getting any kind of treatment to avoid destruction. It is always a good approach to tell your stylist about our hair history. Tell him/her if you had any other treatments done. Disclose all the hair treatments that you got done ever. Either you got that done from any other salon or you did it by yourself, do let your stylist know about it. If you don’t do so, you’ll never going to have the desired results.

Giving up On Options

If you are up for the procedure to permanently straighten, be sure that you are never going to get those pretty curls back in your hair. If you want to have your hair straightened out just once in a while, then I would prefer you to go for less permanent options out there. Don’t go for a permanent hair straightening treatment, I repeat don’t! Use a straightener and get that straight look without damaging them to such a great extent that won’t return you your curls back.

By permanently straightening, you’re giving up the option of wearing natural curls again, if you decide to have them back one day. If you’re looking to wear straight hair every once in a while, use a straightening iron only. DO NOT GET A PERMANENT HAIR STRAIGHTENING! There are some other less permanent options out there too. Go for those less harmful treatments that will not cause severe damage. The ones that’ll still let you have your curls back, whenever you want them.

It’s a Commitment

Permanent hair straightening treatment is a big decision and a commitment that you make to yourself. It would always be a better approach to have the information and be prepared for what need. Before diving right into the decision please make sure that it is something you really want. If you are unsure about it then don’t rush out and make a well-educated decision. Get temporary straightening treatment that doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks. This way you may get to know if it’s something that you want earlier than it displays something that you have.


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