7 Common Hair Myths Debunked, For Women

Hair is considered a very important aspect of beauty in women. Women tend to take good care of their hair and almost go into depression when there is too much hair loss. They go through different types of looks over the years, including, curls, bangs, straightening, treatments, haircuts, and more to help them look different and healthy. 

Many myths have been spread over the years about how to deal with hair loss and how to grow your hair. However, people in the know have also worked towards debunking myths. Here are some of the common hair myths and why they ought to be debunked before it’s too late, and you spend too much time doing things that do not help your hair:

7 Common Hair Myths Debunked, For Women

Trim your hair makes it grow faster: Often people say that when you trim your hair will eventually help your hair grow father. This is certainly a myth. The hair that grows from your scalp. So, cutting your hair tips does not impact the growth of your hair. What trimming essentially does is control the split ends that you might be suffering from. So, when you go back for a hair trim, do not expect to increase hair growth.  

Do not pluck grey hair: People say that if you pluck a grey hair, you will end up growing more grey hair. If this were too, there is every chance that women and men alike would pluck the grey hair, to ensure that they have thicker growth. Covering up the greys would be an easier issue to deal with than dealing with hair thinning. What happens is once you remove the first grey hair, you start to notice that you have grey hair as your hair grows.

Do not wash your hair too often: Some people believe that washing your hair too much will strip the natural oils in your hair and make your hair look dull and unhealthy. This is a total myth. How often you must wash your hair will depend on the type of hair, the kind of hair treatments, if you use hair loss treatment and more. You will need to wash it as often as you need. If you have oily hair, it might need more frequent washing. On the other hand, if it is dry, you could wash it less. However, not washing your hair as much as required might certainly force you to visit a hair fall clinic. 

Hair color makes hair unhealthy: There are things that you can do with your hair that can make it look unhealthy, thin your hair and more, but coloring your hair is not one of those things. Especially the darker colors add some shine to your hair and make it look healthier. Bleaching, however, is a complete no-no. No matter if you go through the best hair fall treatment, experts will tell you, coloring is ok but bleaching is not an option.    

100 strokes of the hairbrush every night: Different numbers have passed down generations. Different families have different “suggested numbers of strokes” for silky hair. This is no further away from the truth. 100 strokes cause more damage to the hair than help it grow. You must only comb your hair to detangle it. Additionally, you must be gentle with your hair and use a good brush or comb that is kind to your hair. 

Air dry or towel drying is better than blow-drying: This is true and false. As much as blow-drying has received some amount of criticism, it is also important to remember that air drying or towel drying is also not always a great idea. Using the towel and rubbing and drying your hair rigorously could damage your hair further. Wet hair is very delicate, so being harsh with it could do more damage than passing hot air through it to dry it.  

You should switch your shampoo brand frequently: It is believed that different products have different benefits and therefore you should from time to change the shampoo and conditioner to reap the benefits. This is not true, and worse it can damage your hair more than help. Your shampoo and conditioner can be changed based on the environmental changes, not because your “hair should not get used to a product”. What is important is to use the right kind of hair product based on your hair type and the weather conditions.  

There is every chance that different families have come up with a whole bunch of other myths with regards to your hair. These seven are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kind of wrong or untrue information that is peddled. Therefore, take the time to read a little more, speak to experts. Finally, family food recipes are what you need to carry forward, not hair treatment tips for the later we have different kinds of experts.   

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Rena Joshi is an avid blogger in the field of wellness and healthcare. She ably balances her job as Content Specialist at Welona Clinic, a skin clinic in Chennai, with her passion for writing and online blogging. Rena is on a mission to spread awareness about the latest trends in skin and hair care, through her informative articles.