7 Best Crystal Jewelry Available in the Market

Crystal jewelry is no doubt in vogue. You could wear it at a part to offer yourself a sophisticated look, or you can wear a simple one casually. Such jewelry items make an awesome gift, as well. Bearing in mind your budget, you could find the ideal crystal jewelry to offer to your loved ones. Remember that this type of jewelry does not need to be expensive. As an alternative, you could find some of the best designs in a reasonable price range.

Never has there been such an astonishing range of crystal jewelry accessible for sale. Whether it be pendants, bracelets, rings, or earrings, crystal has never been more famous as jewelry, but more fashionable use as well.

Did you know that crystals have their metaphysical properties that crystal healers think can help in everything from grounding to balancing to healing and channeling? A few stones have singular characteristics, while others like clear quartz have a plethora of purposes.

Bear in mind that the setting and style of crystal jewelry is one of personal state. It does not impact the individual properties of every crystal, even though some folks thought that raw stones that touch the skin impact the capability of the stone to work faster.

Are you currently in the market looking for the best crystal jewelry? You need to equip yourself with the features you need to look for. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below we have collected the features you need to look when buying for crystal jewelry.

Factors to Consider When Buying Crystal Jewelry

Do not forget that crystals work on a delicate vibration, and those waves of energy will reach the proximity of the physical body without too much effort. The body works along with energy, the same as an electric device might.

The vibration of every human body will differ from one person to another. That’s especially true even within every individual. The vibration will differ within the day. It will depend on the feelings, thoughts, and the overall health of an individual.

The majority of crystal professionals will settle to the general properties of every stone. Nevertheless, the wearer is the professional on their jewelry. You are the best individual to choose which crystal is suitable for you at any given period.

Here are some good ideas for choosing your crystal jewelry.

Birth Stones

You need to look for a stone for your birth month or birth sigh. Below are some good examples. You don’t need this as your definitive list. As an alternative, you can simply utilize it as a general guide.

  • January – Garnet, Clear Quartz
  • February – Jasper, Amethyst
  • March – Bloodstone, Aquamarine
  • April – Garnet, Ruby
  • May – Amber, Emerald
  • June – Agate, Topaz
  • July – White Agate, Moonstone
  • August – Jasper, Carnelian
  • September – Citrine, Peridot
  • October – Turquoise, Opal
  • November – Lapiz Lazuli, Topaz
  • December – Jacinth, Peridot

Vibrational Qualities

You need to search for the traditional properties of every piece. Check out if it has a psychic or healing need that they could accomplish.


Are you one of those people who cannot choose between two items of jewelry? Then simply close your eyes and sense which one feels right for you. Take note that distance is no object in this matter. That makes it ideal for purchasing over the internet.

Personality Types or Body Shapes

Did you know that small body types might work better along with small items? However, the bigger jewelry, the better, especially if you have a big personality.

Gut Instinct

This factor is, at all times, an excellent strategy to choose anything you want to buy. Perhaps you notice something that glows or sparkles more than other pieces on display? Does the item make you feel thrilled? Then you should go for it.

Make sure you always remember these features above so you will have a simple and hassle-free buying process.

Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is an elegant and timeless addition to a person’s collection of accessories. However, it provides more than just an appeal to your eye. Did you know that wearable gemstones and crystals could help you accomplish the advantages of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing by working through your chakra?

It heals the spirit, body, and mind

Nature’s gift of gemstones and crystals work with the energy centers to boost the function of the spirit, body, and mind. Healing with crystals is an old practice, helping people accomplish healing and better overall health.

Crystals can captivate, keep, emit, and produce energy, which could help you accomplish a peaceful body and mind. Every stone has particular healing properties, and you can choose them for the areas you need assistance with.

Protects you from negativity

One of the best advantages of wearing crystal jewelry is that they could help you safeguard from any psychic attack or negative thoughts. Picking crystals like fire agate, jade, amethyst, and pyrite, among others, can safeguard you from the negative vibrations. Therefore, it helps you restore your confidence and overall mood.

Improve your confidence and mood

You see, confidence is always the key to success in everything we do in life. Crystal jewelry could help enhance your confidence, not just by safeguarding you from negativity. It can also work directly with your energy centers to unleash the confidence within you.

For instance, stones such as aquamarine could help boost your communication abilities. On the other hand, working with aventurine, red calcite, and amber could help improve your confidence.

The good thing about crystal jewelry is that they are a perfect way to boost your mental quickness and physical strength. On the other hand, axinite could help boost endurance and strength. Crystals such as clear quartz could increase your mood and help you become happier.

These are only some of the advantages of wearing crystal jewelry. Now, if you’d like to know the best crystal jewelry online, check out our review below.

Reviews of the Best Crystal Jewelry Available

Are you now ready to check out the best crystal jewelry you can choose from? Without further ado, let’s dive in!

EleQueen 925 Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

The first crystal accessory in our list is the EleQueen 925 Sterling Silver Hook Earrings. It is SGS certified and original patented design. It features an eco-friendly high polished finish and a genuine 925 sterling silver, which is embellished with cubic zirconia and crystals. You can rest assured that this accessory will shine with beauty and adds to your luxurious appearance.

This item makes a wonderful addition to any outfit or a gift for daughter, mother, girlfriend, or best friend, among others. No matter if you are attending a party, birthday, graduation, or anniversary, you can count on this piece of jewelry.


  • Ideal accessory for any occasion
  • Eco-friendly
  • SGS certified


  • The back is wider and flatter

NEWNOVE Love Heart Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

A pendant crystal jewelry must be stylish, gorgeous, and captivating at the same time. This heart pendant from NEWNOVE stunningly highlights such qualities. The chain length is adjustable. Hence, it must be an ideal fit for anyone.

The design of the heart crystal covered in a wing is the ideal definition of a romantic present. This accessory is safe to wear and is eco-friendly, along with a Swiss SGS Inspection Certification. What could you ask for?


  • Comes in a jewelry box
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Lead-free, nickel-free


  • Turned to dark color after a few months

NISASUN Cube Square Crystal Necklace

Are you looking for a stunning and designer brand from France? Then NINASUN Fine Jewelry got you covered! This piece of accessory is designed with the use of 925 sterling silver and is embellished with crystals from Swarovski.

The luxurious endless cube represents the eternity of love. Regardless of the age of the wearer of this necklace, they are certain to be stunned when opening this stunning Swarovski necklace. It is the ideal present for any occasion from a birthday, mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas, and so much more.


  • High polished 925 sterling silver chain
  • Does not harm the skin
  • Wrapped in a classic jewelry box


  • Smaller than expected

AOBOCO “I Love You Forever” Heart Pendant Necklace with Blue Swarovski Crystals

Perhaps you are more into unique crystal jewelry? Then look no further because this jewelry got you covered! This item takes pride in its hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and Bermuda Blue heart-shaped crystal from Swarovski. This necklace has a loving message of “I Love You Forever,” making it a wonderful gift for someone special or just for yourself.

AOBOCO is a sought-after brand that concentrates on fine jewelry. They mix hypoallergenic S925 Sterling Silver and Swarovski Brand Crystals to design an eternal love artwork.


  • Hypoallergenic S925 Sterling silver
  • Skin tone friendly
  • Come in a box with a cleaning cloth


  • Some buyers claim the clasp and chain broke easily

Lady Colour Gifts for Women Bracelet

If you are looking for a beautiful bracelet you can wear for your special date; then this one is the perfect option for you. This specific bracelet is strung along with glistening Aurora Borealis crystals. It features a pleasing, light-catching effect that could be layered along with your watch or other sorts of styles for an on-trend appearance.


  • Adjustable
  • Comes in an elegant jewelry box
  • Perfect for all types of occasions


  • Some users claim the bracelet fits a girl with a small wrist

S SIVERY Gifts for Women “Magic Love” Pendant Necklace with Cubic Crystals

Sivery is considered one of the biggest Swarovski authorized jewelry suppliers in the world. Did you know that each product has its own designed patent? This particular crystal jewelry is made from elegant crystals from Swarovski, clear white cubic zirconia, and high-quality alloy.

The pendant has 0.7 inches length, 0.45 inches of height, and 1 inches width. It is available in the color of ocean blue and is eco-friendly. Therefore, you can rest assured that this item is free of nickel and lead.


  • Free from any chemicals
  • Great value for the price
  • Hand polished


  • Users claim that the stone fell out easily

NINASUN Hooked on You Sterling Silver Necklace/Earrings

You will surely be in love with this crystal jewelry. The vibrant and colorful look is the ideal gift for yourself or to your loved ones. This crystal jewelry is hypoallergenic and is made from 925 sterling silver. You can rest assured it is nontoxic and corrosion-resistant. You will not experience any irritation to your skin once worn.

You will find two colors to choose from. There is crystal Aurore Boreale that will reflect various colors similar to polar lights once hit by lamplight or sunlight. You can also go for the Crystal Bermuda Blue that has a fashionable design. This crystal looks very transparent on the side face, and it can transform to alluring blue if you look on the front.


  • Allergy-free material
  • The earrings come in different sizes
  • The jewelry is wrapped in a classic jewelry box


  • A few buyers complain that the stone fell off after use

Bottom Line

You will find a plethora of awesome online stores where you can purchase crystals. The ideal way to ensure you are purchasing from a dependable seller is to read their reviews. You also need to ensure the images are precise and always check the descriptions.

Crystal jewelry is the ideal accessories to wear to any special occasion you want to attend. They are not just loaded with health benefits, but they will also make sure you look stunning.

We hope you liked this guide and the list of the best places to purchase crystal jewelry. Have you already purchased crystals? What is your experience? Feel free to share your insights by leaving your comments below!