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Best Cartilage Hoop Earrings

Pieces of jewelry are always part of a girls’ outfit, ”OOTD” as they say. They usually fell in love with the new jewelry that comes out in the market. Necklace, bracelet, anklets, and earrings are just some of those pieces of jewelry that they usually pair with your favorite shirt.

If you are a fan of getting different types of jewels, then you should have time to read this. The newly arrived type of jewelry today is the cartilage hoop earrings—this the best type for those girls with sensitive ears. With this you will surely feel comfortable upon wearing it. Aside from being cute, you can also find a hypoallergenic jewel anywhere. You can easily find one that best suits your outfit because of its different designs. Also, this can be a perfect gift for your love ones who are also fond of wearing gems.

Piercing accessories like this are unique and handmade type in which comes in rose gold, diamond, sterling silver, white gold, or any thick or thin stones. Earring shops out there will be very glad to let you see and try their unique designs. The hoops can make a certain statement that defines every woman who wears it. Same with the boy’s barbell collection, girls also have their collection. This earring comes in a simple design that has an easy and simple hinged opening. Teens and young women nowadays wear not only one jewel but more, for this makes them more stylish and adorable to look at.

Now, what’s with this type? You may read more below so you can have a picture of it. Below is information that can help you take your jewelry collection to the next higher level.

Short Facts About Cartilage Hoop Earrings

Hoop gems are considered as the lightest jewelry a girl can wear. It carries the worlds’ weight. It is considered as the oldest jewelry or accessories in the entire life of a human. Therefore, it is then said to have remarkable meaning for some cultures. Egyptians and Americans are the very first to wear this amazing design.

For some, it signifies power and social status as it was first worn by a king and queen. It also signifies strength and unity. This hoop jewel stands out that any other piece of jewelry just like the woman who stands out by sporting it. As for the Egyptian, it enhanced humans’ beauty. It is said to be made of wires and gold beads. Royal Egyptians wore thick and heavy hoops, which are gold, and for them, it signifies wealth as well as power. Even the Greek and Roman cultures embrace the love for wearing a hoop gem. You can see almost all of the Greek and Roman females wearing it. But for men with higher status, they also start to embrace the tradition of wearing it. It is also one way for them to easily identify if a person is part of their group or not by just wearing this hoop.

In the 1600s, this was used to elaborate headpieces, hairstyle, and also a high collared shirt that can cover the ears. In the 1700s, pear-shaped, although a small one, became popular al throughout the European cultures than of coops. In the 1820s, heavily weighted hoop earrings became outdated, it was replaced with a lightweight gem. Fashion trends became an inspiration for a Roman culture that eventually lead to gold jewels, which are large.

Hoop Earrings During the 20th Century

The 1990s brought negativity about the use of it. Such that, many people categorized those who are wearing earrings as an immigrant. But during the 1920s, they want to wear this hoop earring came back. The rebirth of the belief that gold type brought both power and high social status. Several celebrities started wearing this type of earring.

Why Choose This Type than Any Other?

  • This type comes in rose gold, silver, and a lot more to choose from.
  • Unlike any other gems, it is very much easy to wear.
  • These small little rings that hang on your ears can add glow to you. It can also add some kind of diversity to women’s looks.
  • What’s delicate and highly strung about wearing an earrings is that whether you choose to wear this together with the other earrings or you choose to wear it alone, it will still look good and elegant at you because it will always add a new feature to a woman’s’ jewelry styling.
  • It may come in a plain metal while some are featured with particular shapes and stones. Whatever you choose, it will still add style to your look.
  • It may come in a diamond accent which is free of lead and nickel
  • This is ideal for your sensitive skin
  • Since it is hypoallergenic, it will lessen the risk of having a skin infection or disease.

Here Are the Types of a Cartilage Hoop Earrings:

  • Hematite Titanium (20 G)
  • Mixed Sterling Metal Cartilage Hoop
  • Silver and Crystal Curve Gem
  • Sterling silver Cartilage Hoop (Bali Twist)
  • Cartilage Gem horseshoe crystal
  • Cartilage Gem Silver Titanium

The above types are just some. There are still a lot of these in your local grocery store. If there are tattooed skin party, there is also a hoop earring party for girls. You might consider wearing the earrings mentioned above. If a boy can easily fall in a girl’s simple outfit, what more can it be if a girl adds the unique design earrings with it? It will definitely look great.

Nowadays, these are being worn by many people all over the world. Whatever reason you have in wearing jewel, the important thing is it makes you happy and confident. It serves as the finishing touch to a girls’ outfit. Wearing these earrings is considered to be the oldest yet popular fashion trend nowadays. Jewels are very classic, and it never outdated. In some countries, it symbolizes and shows international fashion and strength. Since it is a circle shape, it also symbolizes unity, wholeness, and unity.