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Inverto 60 Keratin Treatment Reviews

Inverto 60 Keratin treatments reviews have taken the world by storm. Everyone wants softer, shinier, and healthier hair, but it’s hard to go to the salon all the time. In fact, you might not be able to go right now. Still, you can straighten hair using something other than heat with the Inverto 60 Keratin Treatment. We discuss it in-depth so that you can help your damaged hair.

What Is It?

The Inverto 60 Keratin hair treatment is a multi-functional product that’s fast and easy to use. Though it is one product, it contains two separate items and offers two methods of treatment. You can either straighten your hair or keep the curls and de-frizz. This way, you can repair your hair, eliminate frizz, and choose to lose the curls.

Of course, the goal is to use nothing else but the keratin hair treatment product. The Inverto 60 option is different than the Inverto Revolution keratin treatment. While they do the same thing, the Inverto 60 is a newer treatment. Formaldehyde-free ingredients make it safer than other brands. It uses a penetrating gel, which provides faster results.

Inverto 60 can strengthen, condition, and straighten your hair and features a proprietary formula. There’s nothing like it in the world right now. It also adds more shine, removes frizz, and adds silkiness, making it an excellent treatment. Formaldehyde-free options are essential to protect your hair and reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Inverto is called hydrolyzed keratin, and it’s an advanced system of polypeptides. In fact, it is so similar to the amino acids found in your hair that it binds to it and rebuilds it, fixing damaged hair quickly.

These amino acids help your hair accept the ingredients to repair the damage and make the hair look and feel healthier.

Who Should Use It?

Before doing anything else, you should test it on a small patch of skin to ensure you’re not allergic to the ingredients. However, it works on all hair types, including those that are coarse and difficult. You get instant results and do nothing else but use the product and follow the directions. It also lasts for up to three months. Some people use this keratin hair treatment once every nine months, though these results aren’t typical.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, the Keratin Research brand is your new go-to. It helps damaged hair and gives you manageable and smoother hair with one treatment. Formaldehyde-free products are safer and actually work. It’s also free from other harsh chemicals to help protect damaged hair and repair it.

You get instant results with nothing else to do. Plus, the Keratin Research Inverto 60 keratin treatment has been thoroughly tested by professionals. It does what it claims and is highly effective. Just straighten your hair using the Keratin Research brand, and you’re on your way to having beautiful, lustrous hair once again.

How Does Inverto 60 Work?

When you bleach, color, flat-iron, and blow-dry your hair all the time, you expose it to harsh chemicals. Hair is made up of many things, but a protein called keratin is the primary one. Cystyne is also present, so when you have damaged hair, the keratin breaks down. Cystyne is also reduced through various chemical processes, which results in Cysteic acid being formed. Both of these are significantly damaging and require the right treatment. Formaldehyde-free products are ideal because you’re not adding more chemicals that are carcinogenic and damaging, as well.

What Ingredients to Consider

When looking for an Inverto keratin hair treatment, you require keratin and a fusing agent. Hydrolyzed keratin is often made from sheep’s wool. The protein molecules inside penetrate your hair shaft to change its shape and enhance its inner cortex.

The fusing agent is an essential part of the treatment. Formaldehyde-free options are available and much safer. In this case, Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment uses Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine. This helps to create a link between the new keratin and the stuff that’s already in your hair.

Inverto Keratin Treatment Instructions

There are two ways to use the Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment. Formaldehyde-free products work the same as traditional ones. However, this product is designed to be free of all harsh chemicals and work in two ways.

This product removes frizz, curls, and adds softness to your hair. Plus, it works on any hair type without anything else. The advanced gel works quickly at repairing damaged hair. Regardless of the option you choose, it adds shine, silkiness, and softness.

Straighten Your Hair

This product can remove curls and adds shine at the same time. As a straightening treatment, you want to follow these instructions:

First, make sure that you have a cape, gloves, bowl, shower cap, brush, flat iron, blow dryer, and a fine-tooth comb that’s heat-resistant.

  1. Start with the clarifying shampoo. There should be one packet of clarifying shampoo, and you should wash the hair with it two times so that it is free of any residue. This also helps to open the hair cuticles. Rinse it out thoroughly each time and then blow-dry the hair. It might be hard to comb out right now, but do your best and make sure the hair is completely dry before continuing.
  2. Put on the gloves and then put some of the product in your hand to start the treatment. Formaldehyde-free options are going to work the same, so if you’ve done this before, it is a similar process. Apply the keratin hair treatment to the hair, starting at the root and going to the tip. You can use the fine-tooth comb to incorporate and remove excess product. Consider massaging the Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment, making sure that it doesn’t touch the scalp. Loop your hair around the head using a circular pattern so that all of it is saturated and stays in place. Utilize the shower cap or plastic wrap so that it doesn’t air-dry as quickly. Wait about 60 minutes if you have thick hair and about 40 minutes for thinner hair.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment as the salon stylist does. Take very small sections of hair from the bottom of the head and apply the treatment. Formaldehyde-free versions are safer, which is great because you have to leave it on your head for a while. Once you have the product throughout the hair, you can continue following directions from above.
  4. After the wait time, put on gloves and remove the covering. Remove as much of the keratin treatment as you can. Now, blow-dry your hair completely using high-heat. You don’t need to brush or comb it right now. Rinse your hair completely and gently with warm water for around 20 seconds, and then towel-dry it carefully. Blow-dry the hair again using a brush.
  5. Separate your hair into three sections. Flat-iron the hair at a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and take small strands at a time. You can use lower temperatures for thin, brittle, or fragile hair. Take about seven or 10 passes on each strand, and don’t rush this step. Wait about 10 minutes so that the hair gets cooled.
  6. You can choose to wash the hair now or do it later but use sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo. Consider using a flat-iron up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit on it once a day for the first few days. Don’t use ponytail holders or clips right away.

Keep the Curls

The Inverto 60 brand is multi-functional as a keratin hair treatment, formaldehyde-free, and can help you keep your curls while still creating shine. Your purchase includes details on how to use the formulation. That way, you can add shine, keep or remove the curls, and have something that is going to last for a while.

  1. Please try to have a blow dryer, shower cap, bowl, and gloves.
  2. Wash your hair twice with the included shampoo. Rinse it out thoroughly and blow-dry the hair until it is fully dry.
  3. Wear the gloves and put a small portion of the treatment in your hand. Apply it to the hair, starting at the top and working toward the bottom. Massage it into the hair, but avoid the scalp. Loop your hair using a circular pattern and use the shower cap to keep it in place. Let it sit for about 25 minutes if you have thin hair or 35-40 minutes for thicker locks.
  4. Now, you can rinse the hair in warm water, blow-drying it thoroughly. Let your hair completely cool down and wash it using a sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo. After this initial washing and conditioning, you can choose hair-care products designed specifically for curly hair.


We want you to feel comfortable using Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment – formaldehyde-free. Many customers have asked specific questions about the product, and we think it could be helpful to have them listed here.

  • What Does Formaldehyde-free mean?

The Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment, formaldehyde-free product, ensures that no harsh chemicals are used to create the formula. Often, non-formaldehyde-free products have a stench that can immediately be smelled. You don’t have to deal with noxious fumes and can rest easy knowing that you’re not heating up and breathing carcinogens.

  • Does a keratin treatment, formaldehyde-free option really work?

While there is no chemical-free straightening keratin hair treatment available, the ones claiming that no formaldehyde is used have fewer chemicals and derivatives of the carcinogen. Therefore, they are much safer to use on damaged hair.

  • Is my damaged hair doomed if I don’t use a keratin hair treatment?

You don’t have to do anything to your damaged hair, but you cannot repair it this way, either. Inverto 60 is a safe option and can treat damaged hair without as many harsh chemicals. Also, it allows you to do it at home, making it more convenient.

  • Can I do the Inverto 60 keratin hair treatment by myself?

It is possible to do the treatment for damaged hair on your own. However, you must ensure that the product gets worked deep into the hair. This could be hard to do when you can’t see the back of your head. Many reviews on Inverto 60 claim that they needed an extra pair of hands and eyes, so you may want to enlist the help of a trusted family member/friend.

  • Does a conditioner fix damaged hair?

Most shampoos and conditioners don’t have the moisturizing and fortifying properties that damaged hair requires. You can find on-the-shelf options, but you may not be happy with the results. Keratin is designed to penetrate deep into the follicles so that each strand is conditioned. Then, it adds a protective film that prevents more damage from happening.

  • Is keratin bad for my hair?

No, keratin is designed to be used on damaged hair to protect it and strengthen it with time. Since you only have to use the treatment once every three to nine months, you are doing something good for your hair and can do it as often as necessary.


Damaged hair is the one concern many women have above all others. You want locks that are shimmery, beautiful, and healthy. However, years of blow-drying and flat-ironing have taken the luster out of your hair. It might be brittle, dry, or frizzy. With Inverto 60, you can change all that. Since you can do this keratin treatment at home, you have the convenience and peace of mind.

It’s safe because it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, but it softens, strengthens, and de-frizzes the hair. Of course, you can use it in two ways, which is unique for the keratin industry. Most treatments are designed to straighten the hair, but this one can add shine and take away frizz while leaving the curls. You just have different instructions, depending on the desired results.

We think that you are going to enjoy this item, which was created as an alternative to the Brazilian keratin products. Order today so that you can get the kit and save your hair.

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