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3P Gel – Pearly Penile Papules Review

Sometimes it is hard to determine, what is a normal reaction of your body and what is a sign of something serious? Due to this people tend to get over tensed and worried sometimes over something small. Same is the case with 3P Gel Pearly Penile Papules, people tend to overthink it in being genital warts.

What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly Penile Papules are the small acne-like bumps on the sulcus or corona of a penis. They are skin-colored acnes without puss in them. They can appear due to the extra oils and skin cells on the surface and are painless. They can appear in any numbers on the skin ranging from a couple of them to the large amount that covers the whole head.

People assume these to be a result of sexual intercourse as a sexually transmitted disease but it is not. It is something that can occur and disappear with age and has nothing to do with your sexual history.


Firstly to explain pathophysiology to the people unaware of the term, it tells about the physical disorder that occurs due to some disease, infection or injury.

When it comes to this particular problem, we have already mentioned that its cause is unknown. It is not known that if these are not caused by some sort of sexual act then why is this a common occurrence. What is observed is that this is seen more in the uncircumcised males in comparison with the circumcised ones. It is also observed that if the affected males get circumcised after a certain age and after getting affected by the Pearly Penile Papules, then a regression can be observed.


If we are talking about the number and percentages then according to an estimated guess, they occur nearly two times more in uncircumcised males (22%) than circumcised (12%). Not long ago it was believed that they are the main reason for smegma in uncircumcised males. This belief, however, does not have been found to hold true to its claim. So you can for sure say that it does not cause any trouble or problem in the human body.


Geographical Impact:

There has not been observed any increase or decrease in the number of cases of Pearly Penile Papules in regard to the geographical location of the person.


There is no confirmation of the fact that this is found more or less in a particular race. But a report has suggested that it is observed more in African American males, both in circumcised and uncircumcised males. Rehbein rounded up and observed around 840 men in the age group of 10-66 years. He found out that around 30.1% of males in the group suffered from it and displayed no common cause or effect of it in these males. However, black men had a percentage of 32.7% rather than 13.9% of white men. From 32.7% black males, 44% were uncircumcised and 20.8% were circumcised.


From the very obvious reasons, Pearly Penile Papules were only found in the males.


When the age of the affected was observed, the Pearly Penile Papules was found more in the men that were in their 20s and 30s. The numbers kept decreasing as the age factor increased in males.


The treatment that is prescribed for Pearly Penile Papules is to apply a cream or oil to dry out the papules. The treatment is quite similar to the treatment of acne as papules are also puss free acnes. So you can use 3P gels or creams that will dry them out and end them.

The best gel advised by many when it comes to Pearly Penile Papules is:

3P Gel:

3P Gel is used by many and is a popular choice because this is the only ointment that backed up its claim by clinical trials. So as this gel is clinically proven, you will have to think less while buying it online. It even works far better than the Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

The reason that this cream works so much better than the rest of the products is that it aims to wipe out the problem from its core. The bumps or papules are the results of fibrotic tissue creating clumps together. The 3P Gel comes in the pack of two i.e. a daytime gel and a nighttime gel.


The first ointment is the one to be applied during the day time and it will remove away the top layers of the papules. This one might tingle a bit after application but it only indicates that the 3P gel is working its magic. But be careful not to put too much as then the tingling can turn into a burning sensation that can be too much to handle. The gel is easy to apply and can be applied like any other 3P gel or cream that you apply to your affected areas.


Thenighttime gel is to be applied so that once the outer bumps are removed by the daytime application, the nighttime cream can work on the roots. As mentioned above, the ointment promises to work its magic to the core of the problem and the nighttime 3P Gel is the one trying to do that.

Reviews of 3P Gel:

The reviews of the product are a mixed one when it comes to the review of public websites. Some believe that it is the best thing they used and can show great effects if put on with consistency. While others believe that it is not strong enough to get rid of the problem fully.

In short, you can’t be sure if something is going to work for yourself without trying. So give it a go if you suffer from Pearly Penile Papules, maybe it will turn out to be the solution that you were looking for.


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